Assessment Mutual

Assessment Mutual,

Assessment Mutual Meanings:

  1. Mutual insurers who have the right to review policyholders for losses and expenses.

  2. The insurance company claims that if it exceeds the initial premium paid by the policyholder, it will receive an additional premium from the policyholder. This is also known as the mutual evaluation object.

Literal Meanings of Assessment Mutual


Meanings of Assessment:
  1. Testing or evaluation of someone's nature, quality or performance or something.

Sentences of Assessment
  1. Determining educational needs

Synonyms of Assessment

analysis, appraisal, gauging, rating, evaluation, opinion, judgement, estimation


Meanings of Mutual:
  1. (Feelings or actions) or with or against each other by one of the two parties.

  2. Organized together into two or more parts.

Sentences of Mutual
  1. Partnerships based on mutual respect and understanding

  2. A mutual friend introduced us

Synonyms of Mutual

interchangeable, give-and-take, reciprocal, returned, reciprocated, requited, interactive, complementary, correlative