Assessment Company (society Or Insurer)

Assessment Company (society Or Insurer),

Assessment Company (society Or Insurer): What is the Meaning of Assessment Company (society Or Insurer)?

The insurance company reserves the right to include the additional costs in the actual premium if the premium is not sufficient to cover the operating expenses. Generally, a type of mutual or mutual insurance.

Literal Meanings of Assessment Company (society Or Insurer)


Meanings of Assessment:
  1. An assessment or evaluation of someone's character, quality or ability or something.

Sentences of Assessment
  1. Assessment of educational needs

Synonyms of Assessment

estimation, appraisal, opinion, evaluation, rating, analysis, gauging, judgement


Meanings of Company:
  1. Business enterprise

  2. Facts or situations with other people, especially in a way that brings friendship and fun.

  3. Some people get together, mostly for a purpose.

  4. Central Intelligence Agency.

  5. Form a team to accompany you.

Sentences of Company
  1. A transport company

  2. I can use the company

  3. These are the people who have been with us at the moment

Synonyms of Company

firm, establishment, concern, body, presence, undertaking, amity, party, fellowship, venture, company, enterprise, practice, friendship, comradeship, corporation, institution, crew, camaraderie, bureau, agency, set, closeness, office, house, operation


Meanings of Society:
  1. All those who live in a more or less organized group.

  2. An organization or association established for a specific purpose or activity.

  3. The situation is someone else's company.

Sentences of Society
  1. Drugs, crime and other threats to society

  2. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

  3. He avoided the company of other people

Synonyms of Society

the population, college, the community, lodge, confraternity, social intercourse, band, coterie, camaraderie, affiliation, the public, alliance, league, the general public, companionship, company, institution, guild, brotherhood, federation


Meanings of Or:
  1. Used to add alternatives.

  2. Offering synonyms or explaining previous words or phrases.

  3. If not (represents the consequences of not doing or not doing)

  4. Usually in the form of a question, provide a reflection.

  5. This

  6. A boolean operator that has at least one operand (or input) one and otherwise zero.

  7. As gold or yellow

  8. Operational research.

Sentences of Or
  1. A cup of tea or coffee

  2. Spy novel or, as the trade is known, suspension

  3. Hurry up or you will lose everything

  4. John's indifference, right? - He got confused

  5. The only way to know God or human beings is through love

Synonyms of Or

if not, or else, or


Meanings of Insurer:
  1. The person or company that will take the insurance risk that forces the contractor to pay compensation.

Sentences of Insurer
  1. It will even help convert the expected insurance deficit into a mortgage payment.