Definition of Assemblage:

  1. Combining two or more parcels of land to be sold as one large tract. An assemblage often commands higher price than the total price of two smaller individual parcels.

Synonyms of Assemblage

A to Z, A to izzard, Bund, Rochdale cooperative, Aggregate, All, All and sundry, All sorts, Alliance, Alpha and omega, Assembly, Assembly line, Assembly-line production, Association, Assortment, Axis, Band, Be-all, Be-all and end-all, Beginning and end, Bloc, Body, Broad spectrum, Building, Buildup, Coalition, College, Combination, Combine, Common market, Complement, Composition, Compound, Confederacy, Confederation, Conglomeration, Constitution, Construction, Consumer cooperative, Cooperative, Cooperative society, Corps, Council, Credit union, Customs union, Each and every, Economic community, Embodiment, Everything, Fabrication, Fashioning, Federation, Formation, Free trade area, Gallimaufry, Gang, Getup, Group, Grouping, Hash, Hodgepodge, Hotchpot, Hotchpotch, Incorporation, Jumble, Junction, League, Length and breadth, Machine, Magpie, Make, Makeup, Mash, Medley, Melange, Mess, Mingle-mangle, Miscellany, Mishmash, Mix, Mixed bag, Mixture, Mob, Odds and ends, Olio, Olla podrida, Omnium-gatherum, One and all, Organization, Package, Package deal, Partnership, Pasticcio, Pastiche, Patchwork, Piecing together, Political machine, Potpourri, Production line, Putting together, Ring, Salad, Salmagundi, Sauce, Scramble, Set, Setup, Shaping, Society, Stew, Structure, Structuring, Syneresis, Synthesis, The corpus, The ensemble, The entirety, The lot, The whole, The whole range, Union, What you will

How to use Assemblage in a sentence?

  1. The price would be a lot higher because it was an assemblage and that meant that there would be more land sold.
  2. Setting up a line to do the assemblage process will speed up the time it takes for your warehouse to produce your product.
  3. The assemblage was sufficient for our intended use so we proceeded in our business plan by purchasing all of the land.

Meaning of Assemblage & Assemblage Definition