Definition of Assay:

  1. Qualitative or quantitative evaluation of a substance. See also bioassay.

  2. Chemical test of a precious metal (such as gold or silver) to verify its purity. A gold bar of 100 troy ounces, for example, must have a fineness of at least 995 (on a scale of 1000) to be traded on a commodities exchange. Assays are carried out usually by government officials. See also assay ton.

  3. Determine the content or quality of (a metal or ore).

  4. Assay results provide an early indication of the potential value of a mineral or ore body, and therefore they are closely monitored by investors in mining companies. An exceptional assay result can trigger a rally in the stock of a company that holds the mineral rights of the property. Conversely, poor assay results may lead to a significant decline in a stock that has run up on speculation about promising results.

  5. An assay is a process of analyzing a substance to determine its composition or quality. The term is often used in the mining industry to refer to tests of ore or minerals. The term assay is also used in the environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Assaying is also important in futures markets. Metals that are used to meet delivery requirements of futures contracts must be assayed to ensure that they meet the stringent quality and purity requirements mandated by the futures exchange.

  6. Attempt.

  7. The testing of a metal or ore to determine its ingredients and quality.

Synonyms of Assay

Evaluation, Assessment, Analysis, Examination, Test, Trial, Check, Inspection, Appraisal, Investigation, Scrutiny, Probe, Try, Strive, Aim, Venture, Endeavour, Seek, Set out, Do ones best, Do all one can, Do ones utmost, Make an effort, Make every effort, Spare no effort, Give ones all, Take it on oneself, Acid test, Analysis, Analyzation, Analyze, Anatomize, Anatomizing, Anatomy, Appraise, Appreciate, Approach, Assaying, Assess, Attempt, Bid, Blank determination, Break down, Break up, Breakdown, Breaking down, Breaking up, Breakup, Bring to test, Brouillon, Calculate, Calibrate, Caliper, Chance, Check a parameter, Compute, Confirm, Crack, Criterion, Crucial test, Crucible, Cut and try, Determination, Dial, Dissect, Dissection, Divide, Division, Docimasy, Effort, Endeavor, Engage, Essay, Estimate, Evaluate, Experiment, Fathom, Feeling out, First draft, Fling, Gambit, Gauge, Give a try, Give a tryout, Go, Graduate, Gravimetric analysis, Have a go, Kiteflying, Lick, Lift a finger, Make an attempt, Make an effort, Measure, Mensurate, Mete, Meter, Move, Offer, Ordeal, Pace, Play around with, Plumb, Practice upon, Prize, Probation, Probe, Proof, Prove, Proximate analysis, Put to trial, Quantify, Quantitative analysis, Quantize, Rate, Reduce, Reduce to elements, Reduction to elements, Research, Resolution, Resolve, Road-test, Rough draft, Rough sketch, Run a sample, Sample, Segment, Segmentation, Semimicroanalysis, Separate, Separation, Shake down, Shot, Size, Size up, Sound, Sounding out, Span, Stab, Standard, Step, Stroke, Strong bid, Subdivide, Subdivision, Substantiate, Survey, Take a reading, Taste, Tentative, Test, Test case, Touchstone, Trial, Trial and error, Triangulate, Try, Try it on, Try out, Undertake, Undertaking, Validate, Valuate, Value, Venture, Venture on, Venture upon, Verification, Verify, Weigh, Whack

How to use Assay in a sentence?

  1. I assayed a little joke of mine on him.
  2. The man who assayed gold was more than a technician.

Meaning of Assay & Assay Definition

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