Definition of Ask:

  1. Say something in order to obtain an answer or some information.

  2. Request (someone) to do or give something.

  3. Invite (someone) to ones home or a function.

  4. A request, especially for a donation.

  5. The price a seller is willing to accept for a security or other financial instrument. Also referred to as an Offer. Compare to Bid, Best Ask.

Synonyms of Ask

Invite, Bid, Have someone over, Have someone round, Summon, Inquire, Inquire of, Query, Want to know, Question, Put a question to, Interrogate, Quiz, Cross-question, Cross-examine, Catechize, Request, Demand, Appeal to, Apply to, Petition, Call on, Entreat, Beg, Implore, Exhort, Urge, Enjoin, Importune, Pray, Solicit, Beseech, Plead with, Sue, Supplicate, Apply for, Argue, Ask a question, Ask about, Ask for, Ask questions, Assess, Be hurting for, Be indicated, Beg, Beg leave, Beseech, Bespeak, Bid, Bid come, Blackmail, Bring into question, Call, Call for, Call in, Canvass, Catechize, Challenge, Charge, Charge for, Claim, Clamor for, Crave, Cry for, Cry out for, Debate, Deliberate, Demand, Desire, Discuss, Entreat, Exact, Examine, Extort, File for, Have occasion for, Implore, Importune, Impose, Indent, Inquire, Inquire of, Interpellate, Interrogate, Invite, Issue an invitation, Issue an ultimatum, Levy, Make a demand, Make a request, Make a requisition, Make application, Make dutiable, Make inquiry, Necessitate, Need, Order, Order up, Place an order, Prerequire, Pro rata, Propose a question, Propound a question, Prorate, Put in for, Put in requisition, Put queries, Query, Question, Quiz, Request, Require, Require an answer, Requisition, Review, Screw, Seek, Solicit, Stick for, Summon, Take, Take doing, Talk over, Tax, Tithe, Want, Want doing, Want to know, Warn, Whistle for, Wish

How to use Ask in a sentence?

  1. Its about time we asked Pam to dinner.
  2. It was an awkward ask for more funding.
  3. People are always asking questions.
  4. Mary asked her father for money.

Meaning of Ask & Ask Definition

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What is Ask?

Ask is the price the seller is willing to accept for security, commonly called the purchase price. In addition to the price, the bid requested may also determine the amount of guarantee offered for sale at a particular price. An auction is a price that a buyer is willing to pay for security, and demand will always exceed supply.

  • Offer price is another name for selling.
  • The bid price is always lower than the bid price.
  • The difference between the purchase price and the purchase price is called spread.
  • Different markets have different margin conventions that reflect transaction costs, single point value and liquidity.

Meaning of Ask: The lowest price the seller is currently willing to offer for a guarantee.

Meanings of Ask

  1. Say something to get answers or information.

  2. Ask (someone) to do or give something.

  3. Invite (someone) to your home or event.

  4. In particular, requests for donations.

Sentences of Ask

  1. People always ask

  2. Maria asked her father for money

  3. Time to take the palm to dinner

  4. It was a strange request for more funding



Ask can be defined as, Demand is an e-supply that the seller wants to accept as collateral, commonly called e-supply. In addition to the e, the desired exchange rate can also indicate the amount of autonomy that can be sold on a given e. d is that buyers are willing to pay for the title, and demand will always exceed d.

  • Electronic bidding is another term for e-application.
  • A d e is always less than Ask e.
  • The difference between d e and ask e is called spread.
  • Different markets have different margin conventions that reflect transaction costs, single point value and liquidity.

Definition of Ask: The smallest e on which the seller is currently willing to offer a guarantee.

Meanings of Ask

  1. Say something to get an answer or information.

  2. An application or situation that requires some effort or commitment.

  3. Orders, especially for donations.

Sentences of Ask

  1. I asked him what that meant.

  2. Mari asked her father for money.

  3. That's when we took Palm to dinner.

  4. Playing for 90 minutes is a big request for me.

Synonyms of Ask

put forward, grill, raise, pump, seek/get the answer to, give the third degree to, submit, have someone over/round, inquire (of)


What Does Ask Mean?

  1. Will Canton specializes in investment and business legislation and regulation. Prior to that, he held senior writing positions at Investopedia and Kapitall Wire, and received a master's degree and doctorate in economics from the New School for Social Research. Doctor of Philosophy of English Literature from NYU.

    • Electronic bidding is another term for e.
    • A d e is always less than Ask e.
    • The difference between d e and ask e is called spread.
    • Different markets have different margin conventions that reflect transaction costs, single point value and liquidity.

Meanings of Ask

  1. Orders, especially donations.

Sentences of Ask

  1. Marie asked her father for money.

  2. Time to take Pam to dinner

  3. I have a great request to play 90 minutes.