Ascendente De Libra

Ascendente De Libra

The sun in Gomez, the moon in Lee and the moon in Aries? ۔


According to my sun sign, my newborn and moon sign and my personality?

The sun in gâmios

Gemini, or the first character in Air Triad, has word intelligence, two meanings, it communicates. He has the gift of speaking to others who can speak in the most comprehensible way, looking for language in all its forms: gestures, scripture and speech. Your twins know exactly how to speak, get information, put words here that many people can feel, touch or imagine.

Consciousness in Gemini has the same ability to be camble, such as rdar to look at sensitive objects and reader angles, knowing that no one gives them a specific one. Also, you still have the gift, to suggest an idea and throw it away like a weight, to value your point of view.

Intelligent twins are endowed with talents and those who have this mark £ or know that they can interfere with different things at the same speed among others, no matter how loud they may seem. In Gemini, the sun offers a way to double. It is possible for Gemini to imitate himself and his practical experience, I know it is up to you what you do.

Everything moves in Gomez, because it doesn't happen. To make this walk possible, the twin consciousness knows I need light and availability. To no avail, it must be firmly entrenched in an idea already in place, which will prevent the required facility from flying, circling and lifting, or whatever happens between them.

Gemini's choice becomes just like a station, transformer or button. The intellect that is happy in them, the art of movement is happy, the mind is never aesthetic, there is always a new idea, there is an action or desika, a new camin that opens. Branching is a gift or something attached - one of the biggest glitches that guides people born with the sun in Gemini.

Moon in Aries: You have a picture or passion of the owner of this moon, almost impressed. These are imaginary, dreamy, impressionistic, tense or mystical hair, inner hair and hidden hair. Creating unconventional mediumship or sexual or mediocre atmosphere. Emotional voices and sympathy or those who can dedicate themselves to you in this matter. As a company in the maritime sector, you like to connect with the public and the professional forces that are associated with talaria, bars and restaurants. For the woman with the moon whose fertility rate is higher. If your moon is affected, it is due to emotional and exaggerated impressions, the difficulties of the year and the sensitivity of the fugitives, which can usually lead to alcohol and drugs. Excessive mysticism can be due to superstition, or an unhealthy image can lead to depressed, unconscious fear. As a sign of difficulty - with feet on the ground - to avoid material success.

Or walk LI will learn when life is or this and or © © second. At first glance this may seem incomprehensible, but it was very common and specific for any person or le ascent to set this limit. It is important that you understand the way you are harmonious, frivolous, attractive, synchronized, balanced, and your relationship throughout the year to feel highly motivated, aggressive, childish or quick. The world needs harmony, peace, love, balance and sound and can help many people transmit calm emotions that I can imagine and imagine, this is an ideal world as a large family where you Sister or you need to wear a mask or disguise.

The Sun in Gemini: Your Mission to Communicate.

Its main characteristics are: adaptability, flexibility, curiosity, communication skills, instability and superficiality.

Ascendant Lee: Happiness, BA, charm, diplomacy, the fog of two conflicts, uncertainty, attention, sympathy, the taste of a ■■■■.

Moon in Aries: Emotional motivation needs to be understood and lost.

Ascendente De Libra