Definition of Asbestos:

  1. Strong and fireproof silicate-mineral fiber that becomes brittle (friable) with age, and pollutes air and water as extremely fine particles that can cause serious illnesses (such as asbestosis) and cancer (such as mesothelioma). Asbestos is found in certain acoustic ceiling tiles, insulation, patching compounds, roofing shingles, texture paints, vinyl flooring, and some appliances such as irons. See also asbestos abatement.

Synonyms of Asbestos

Act drop, Amianthus, Asbestos board, Asbestos curtain, Backdrop, Batten, Border, Cloth, Coulisse, Counterweight, Curtain, Curtain board, Cyclorama, Decor, Drop, Drop curtain, Earth flax, Fire break, Fire curtain, Fire line, Fire resistance, Fire retardant, Fire wall, Fireproofing, Flat, Flipper, Hanging, Mountain flax, Rag, Scene, Scenery, Screen, Side scene, Stage screw, Tab, Tableau, Teaser, Tormentor, Transformation, Transformation scene, Wing, Wingcut, Woodcut

Meaning of Asbestos & Asbestos Definition