Asbestos-containing Material (ACM)

Asbestos-containing Material (ACM),

What is The Definition of Asbestos-containing Material (ACM)?

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Literal Meanings of Asbestos-containing Material (ACM)


Meanings of Asbestos:
  1. Heat insulating fiber silicate mineral that can be used in textiles and in refrigeration and insulating materials such as brake pads.

  2. Fabrics that contain asbestos.

Sentences of Asbestos
  1. Asbestos tiles

  2. Currently, inhalation of amphibious asbestos is considered very harmful to human health.

  3. But the health battle in his lungs was lost years ago when he worked for a telephone company that used blue fibers made from insulating asbestos.

  4. One type is dangerous blue asbestos, crusadolite.

  5. The warning prevents work on the affected parts of the hanger from continuing until the asbestos residue or loose fittings are removed.

  6. The purpose of this advertisement is to inform the public that crustacean asbestos is not carcinogenic.

  7. The most common type of asbestos, accounting for 95% of all commercial use, is crystalline, also called white asbestos.

  8. Asbestos fibers are trapped in handmade socks and sweaters.


Meanings of Material:
  1. The material from which an object is made or can be made.

  2. Things needed for the activity.

  3. A person who has certain qualities or abilities.

  4. Facts, information or ideas that can be used to create a book or other work.

  5. Articles, especially songs or jokes, related to an artist's process.

  6. Cloth or cloth

  7. Reference to or contain physical objects instead of thoughts or spirits

  8. Concerning physical needs or desires.

  9. Related to the question of justification, not its form.

  10. Important Related Content

  11. (Evidence or facts) are important, influential or relevant, especially disclosure when they determine the cause or effect of a decision.

Sentences of Material
  1. Highly flammable substances

  2. Materials like brass

  3. Many men and some women wore clothes that looked like leather, but most were made of animal skins or plant materials that I was unfamiliar with.

  4. It is caused by the storage of organic matter underground, such as:

  5. Gas cylinders contain flammable substances, firefighters started a fire.

  6. Sediment is cemented by the dissolution of water from vines and grains.

  7. Try to remove stones, gravel and plant parts from the soil.

  8. For the first three fields, plant material was collected from three ghats to obtain material for the purpose of sufficient plants for mineral analysis.

  9. Alcoholic beverages can be made from almost any sweet fruit, berry or other plant.

  10. Previous attempts to break the crop into valuable substances and fertilizers failed due to high moisture content.

  11. Bacteria and insects break down organic matter to produce soil and nutrients for plant growth.

  12. In this region, the abundance of sunlight breaks down the organic matter in the wastewater in the Platinum food.

Synonyms of Material

substance, stuff, evidence, details, temporal, materialistic, facts, mundane, non-spiritual, data, corporal, physical, bodily, earthly, statistics, cloth, of consequence, medium, carnal, concrete, ideas

Asbestos-containing Material (ACM),

How To Define Asbestos-containing Material (ACM)?

See Synonyms Main Terms Regulated Material containing Asbestos (RACM)

Literal Meanings of Asbestos-containing Material (ACM)


Meanings of Asbestos:
  1. A highly heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral that can be woven into fabrics and used in brake lining as well as in refractory and insulation materials.


Meanings of Containing:
  1. Put (someone or something) inside.

  2. Control or maintain (in or feelings).

Sentences of Containing
  1. Cigarettes are suspected to contain marijuana.

  2. Must contain hatred

Synonyms of Containing

control, subdue, keep back, keep under control, limit, keep in check, gain control over, bottle up, repress, quell, hold in, accommodate, suppress, stifle, swallow, rein in, master, restrain, gain mastery over, carry, curb, seat


Meanings of Material:
  1. The thing from which something is made or can be made.

  2. Information or ideas for creating books or other works.

Sentences of Material
  1. Insects do not cause material damage to crops

Synonyms of Material

major, information, key, vital, significant, documents, lay, particulars, meaningful, textiles, facts and figures, low-down, subject matter, secular, background, solid, corporeal, gen, essential, momentous, documentation, dope, consequential, real