As Is Where Is

As Is Where Is,

As Is Where Is Meanings:

  • This means the current state of the item at the time of sale and its location. In this case, the buyer bears all the risks.

Literal Meanings of As Is Where Is


Meanings of As:
  1. It is used to indicate the area or degree of an object.

  2. It is used to indicate that something is happening when something is happening.

  3. It is used to compare how something happened or how it happened.

  4. Because since then.

  5. Although

  6. It is used to refer to someone's character or character or something else.

  7. Over time (specific)

  8. Ancient Roman copper coins.

  9. The chemical element arsenic.

  10. American Samoa.

  11. Anglo-Saxon

  12. Asperger's syndrome.

  13. Associate Science

  14. Assam

Sentences of As
  1. Go as fast as you can

  2. Frank saw him walking through the crowd.

  3. You can do whatever you want

  4. I have to stop now because I have to go

  5. Funny about not paying your bills

  6. It was shocking

  7. Gets sick from childhood

Synonyms of As

despite the fact that, though, so as to appear to be, however, at the moment that, seeing that, during the time that, in the same way that, in spite of the fact that, just as, notwithstanding the fact that, although, in the guise of, in the character of, considering that, while, since, because, notwithstanding that, the way, in the manner that, seeing as, in the way that, in view of the fact that


Meanings of Is:
  1. Meaning Islamic State

  2. Iceland (International Vehicle Registration)


Meanings of Where:
  1. I or in what place or in what position.

  2. For, in or for (used after mentioning a place or situation)

  3. Location or situation where.

  4. East.

  5. While

Sentences of Where
  1. where do u live?

  2. I first saw it in Paris, where I lived in the early 1960's.

  3. I live here