Definition of Artifact:

  1. Something that has been observed in research or scientific experiment that does not exist naturally, but has occurred as a result of research or preparation.

  2. Handmade items or other results of human activity, such as photos or documents.

  3. Incorrect or redundant data is entered through data collection methods or data entry processes (such as digitization).

  4. Man-made objects are usually cultural objects or historical interests.

Synonyms of Artifact

Outgrowth, Something, Concoction, Thingumabob, Eppes, Dohickey, Effect, Thingumaree, Whatchy, Product, Production, Widget, Work, Plateaulith, Manufacture, Dofunny, Gizmo, Curio, Dojiggy, Gigamaree, Reliquiae, Antiquity, Affair, Remains, Antique, Result, Hickey, Opuscule, Mintage, Thingumadad, End product, Domajigger, Creation, Brainchild, Extract, Eolith, Invention, Article, Survival, Neolith, Thingumajigger, Fossil, Ruins, Origination, Masterwork, Vestige, Offspring, Cave painting, Opera, Fruit, Essence, Composition, Heirloom, Microlith, Ruin, Outcome, Antique, Historical object, Distillation, Issue, Material thing, Antiquity, Thingum, Flumadiddle, Ancient object, Archaism, Etwas, Dowhacky, New mintage, Child, Thingummy, Handiwork, Object of virtu, Crowning achievement, Thingumadoodle, Petrification, Domajig, Relic, Petroglyph, Artefact, Ancient manuscript, Thingumajig, Dojigger, Dingus, Object, Hootenanny, Jigger, Thing, Paleolith, Coinage, Petrified forest, Masterpiece, Gadget, Quelque chose, Opus, Creature, Petrified wood, Mezzolith, Gimmick, Hootmalalie, Doodad

How to use Artifact in a sentence?

  1. Common tissue infections can be engineered specimens.
  2. The Science Museum has many interesting specimens, including dinosaur bones, caffeine skulls and old phonograph models.
  3. Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the location of the museum.
  4. When Kane bought a cabinet at the garage sale, he thought he had just bought furniture, but after examining it, he found it to be antiques.
  5. Gold and silver patterns

Meaning of Artifact & Artifact Definition