Definition of Article:

  1. A piece of writing included with others in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication.

  2. Bind by the terms of a contract, as one of apprenticeship.

  3. Distinct but integral part of a document (such as a contract, constitution, or statute) identified by a unique number.

  4. A particular item or object.

  5. Piece of nonfictional writing on a specific topic, identified by its title and often by its author(s), and published with other such literary works.

  6. The definite or indefinite article.

  7. Particular item or thing, specially the one being acquired under a contract or purchase order.

  8. A separate clause or paragraph of a legal document or agreement, typically one outlining a single rule or regulation.

Synonyms of Article

Clause, Section, Subsection, Point, Item, Paragraph, Division, Subdivision, Heading, Part, Bit, Passage, Portion, Segment, Object, Thing, Item, Unit, Artefact, Piece of merchandise, Commodity, Product, Essay, Report, Account, Story, Write-up, Feature, Item, Piece, Piece of writing, Composition, Column, Paper, Tract, Study, Review, Commentary, Treatise, Analysis, Disquisition, Discourse, Accuse, Affair, Allege, Apprentice, Arraign, Article of commerce, Article of merchandise, Artifact, Aspect, Autograph, Back matter, Beat, Bind, Bind over, Book, Brainchild, Bring accusation, Bring charges, Bring to book, Budget of news, Case, Causerie, Chapter, Charge, Cite, Clause, Column, Commodity, Complain, Composition, Computer printout, Copy, Count, Critique, Datum, Definite article, Denounce, Denunciate, Descant, Detail, Determinative, Determiner, Dingus, Discourse, Discussion, Disquisition, Dissertation, Division, Document, Dofunny, Dohickey, Dojigger, Dojiggy, Domajig, Domajigger, Doodad, Dowhacky, Draft, Drug, Edited version, Element, Engrossment, Entity, Eppes, Essay, Etude, Etwas, Examination, Exclusive, Excursus, Exposition, Facet, Fact, Factor, Fair copy, Fascicle, Fasten on, Fasten upon, Feature, Fiction, Final draft, Finger, Finished version, First approach, First draft, Flimsy, Flumadiddle, Folio, Front matter, Gadget, Gathering, Gigamaree, Gimmick, Gizmo, Hang something on, Hickey, Holograph, Homily, Hootenanny, Hootmalalie, Impeach, Imply, Impute, Incidental, Indefinite article, Indenture, Indict, Individual, Inform against, Inform on, Insinuate, Installment, Instance, Integer, Introductory study, Item, Jigger, Lay charges, Lead item, Leader, Letter, Literae scriptae, Literary artefact, Literary production, Literature, Livraison, Lodge a complaint, Lodge a plaint, Loss leader, Lucubration, Manifesto, Manuscript, Material thing, Matter, Memoir, Minor detail, Minutia, Minutiae, Module, Monograph, Morceau, News item, Nonfiction, Note, Noun determiner, Number, Object, Opus, Original, Outline, Page, Pandect, Paper, Paragraph, Parchment, Part, Particular, Passage, Penscript, Person, Persona, Phrase, Piece, Piece of writing, Pin on, Play, Poem, Point, Prefer charges, Preliminary study, Press charges, Printed matter, Printout, Product, Production, Prolegomenon, Put on report, Quelque chose, Reading matter, Recension, Regard, Report, Reproach, Research paper, Respect, Scoop, Screed, Scrip, Script, Scrive, Scroll, Second draft, Seconds, Section, Segment, Sentence, Serial, Sheet, Signature, Single, Singleton, Sketch, Something, Soul, Special, Special article, Spot news, Standard article, Staple, Staple item, Statement, Story, Study, Survey, Take to task, Task, Taunt with, Tax, Term paper, Text, The written word, Theme, Thesis, Thing, Thingum, Thingumadoodle, Thingumajig, Thingumajigger, Thingumaree, Thingummy, Tract, Tractate, Transcript, Transcription, Treatise, Treatment, Twit, Typescript, Unit, Vendible, Verse, Version, Volume, Ware, Whatchy, Widget, Work, Writing

How to use Article in a sentence?

  1. John wrote a very long article for the New York Times, which led to him becoming the youngest published writer in the newspapers history.
  2. Literally translated into English, without articles, definite or indefinite, it becomes ‘return home occasional book’.
  3. Its a crying shame… My father paid three hundred quid to have me articled.
  4. I was tasked with writing an article to explain my thoughts in a brief yet effective form of communication for the world.
  5. It is an offense under Article 7 of the treaty.
  6. An article about middle-aged executives.
  7. Small household articles.
  8. The article was critical of the protest in town, but the editor of the newspaper said their company is in solidarity with the protesters.

Meaning of Article & Article Definition

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