Ars 13 1203a1

Ars 13 1203a1

Boy on my face

Not me but my friend we were on the bus and this guy came and argued with him, he knew this guy but anyway when he got off the bus he saw him wow he was so excited when it happened like wow Happened


Can he sue?

Or report to the police?

Please tell me what to do!


Everyone in the bus is angry, there is a ten minute silence, my friend is crying.

Of course you can call the police, technically it's a battery that is an unwanted contact that shouldn't hurt. (Legally, a major does not mean that there is a risk of injury or accidental contact in any way.)

I know there are always three sides to a story, but in this case I saw the cow reading it or someone going to the smallest, the lowest, and the lowest. This boy is doing this for some reason, it is a waste of skin. You can call the police, I am sure it will be considered the most criminal and even harassing act. He has to suffer some kind of punishment for what he did to her, just as shamefully, as the judge told him to take a sign and say what he did and let him walk on the road. Has been forced, etc. Maybe do it. You will . However, I will not tolerate it because it is as bad as it was before. The only thing that bothers me is the later criticism of this person or his friends. If you are not worried, at least report it. I'm sorry what he did to you and I can't bother him anymore. Some people have to forget once, he must have laughed, and today he did not mention the possibility of the spread of hepatitis AIDS, etc.


Ars 13 1203a1