Definition of Array:

  1. Elaborate or beautiful clothing.

  2. Empanel (a jury).

  3. A list of jurors empaneled.

  4. An impressive display or range of a particular type of thing.

  5. Items arranged in rows and columns, as in a table.

  6. Group of several items making up or considered a complete or single unit, such as an array of backup drives.

  7. Display or arrange (things) in a particular way.

  8. An ordered series or arrangement.

  9. Dress someone in (the clothes specified).

Synonyms of Array

Dress, Attire, Clothe, Robe, Garb, Deck, Deck out, Drape, Accoutre, Outfit, Fit out, Costume, Get up, Turn out, Trick out, Trick up, Arrangement, Assembling, Assemblage, Line-up, Formation, Ordering, Disposition, Marshalling, Muster, Amassing, Arrange, Assemble, Draw up, Group, Order, Range, Place, Position, Set out, Set forth, Dispose, Marshal, Muster, Dress, Attire, Apparel, Clothing, Garb, Finery, Indian file, Adduce, Adorn, Advance, Align, Allege, Allocate, Allocation, Allot, Allotment, Apparel, Apportion, Apportionment, Armed force, Armed service, Army, Arrange, Arrangement, Arranging, Arraying, Articulation, Attire, Bank, Batch, Beautify, Bedeck, Bedizen, Bedizenment, Bedrape, Blazon, Body, Bring forward, Bring on, Bring to bear, Bunch, Bundle, Bundle up, Buzz, Career soldiers, Catena, Catenation, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Clad, Clothe, Clothes, Clothing, Clump, Cluster, Clutch, Collation, Collocate, Collocation, Color, Compose, Concatenation, Concord, Connection, Consecution, Constitution, Continuum, Cool off, Costume, Course, Cycle, Dandify, Deal, Deal out, Deck, Deck out, Decorate, Deploy, Deployment, Descent, Dight, Disposal, Dispose, Disposition, Distribute, Distribution, Dizen, Doll up, Drape, Drapery, Dress, Dress up, Dressing, Drone, Dud, Duds, Embellish, Emblazon, Embroider, Enclothe, Endless belt, Endless round, Endue, Enrich, Enrobe, Enshroud, Envelop, Enwrap, Exhibition, Exposing, Fanfare, Fashion, Fatigues, Feathers, Fig, Fig out, Fighting machine, File, Filiation, Fix, Fix up, Forces, Form, Formation, Formulation, Furbish, Gamut, Garb, Garment, Garments, Garnish, Gear, Grace, Gradation, Grade, Ground forces, Ground troops, Guise, Gussy up, Habiliment, Habilitate, Habit, Harmonize, Harmony, Hierarchize, Host, Hum, Invest, Investiture, Investment, Lap, Lay out, Layout, Legions, Line, Line up, Lineage, Linen, Lineup, Lot, Marshal, Marshaling, Methodize, Military establishment, Monotone, Muffle up, Nexus, Normalize, Occupation force, Offer, Order, Ordering, Organization, Organize, Ornament, Pacify, Paint, Panoply, Parade, Paratroops, Parcel out, Peace, Pendulum, Periodicity, Place, Placement, Plead, Plenum, Pomp, Powder train, Prank, Prank up, Preen, Present, Prettify, Primp, Primp up, Prink, Prink up, Produce, Progression, Proportion, Queue, Quiet, Quietude, Rag out, Rags, Raiment, Rally, Range, Rank, Rank and file, Ranks, Recurrence, Redecorate, Redo, Refurbish, Regiment, Regimentation, Regular army, Regularity, Regularize, Regulars, Regulate, Reticulation, Robe, Robes, Rotation, Round, Routine, Routinize, Row, Run, Scale, Sequence, Series, Set, Set off, Set out, Set up, Setup, Sheathe, Shine, Show, Showing, Shroud, Single file, Ski troops, Smarten, Smarten up, Soldiery, Space, Spectrum, Sportswear, Spruce up, Standardize, Standing army, Storm troops, String, String out, Structure, Structuring, Style, Succession, Swaddle, Swath, Swathe, Symmetry, Syntax, System, Systematize, The line, The military, Thread, Threads, Tier, Tire, Titivate, Togs, Toilette, Train, Tranquilize, Tranquillity, Trick out, Trick up, Trim, Troops, Uniformity, Vestment, Vesture, Wear, Wearing apparel, Windrow, Wrap, Wrap up, Exhibition, Exposition, Exhibit, Array, Arrangement, Presentation, Demonstration

How to use Array in a sentence?

  1. Using an array allows you to visually interpret data much easier than if it were being displayed as a bunch of text.
  2. They were arrayed in Hungarian national dress.
  3. The forces arrayed against him.
  4. Several arrays of solar panels will help provide power.
  5. My friends and I saw massive amounts of hard drive bays in array when we were invited to tour a server for cloud storage service.
  6. There is a vast array of literature on the topic.
  7. Before the swearing of any of the jurors, 15 the defendant or prosecutor in England and Ireland could challenge the array of jurors compiled by the sheriff.
  8. He was clothed in fine array.
  9. There was an array of tables and stands at the market as far as the eye could see, each with its own collection of products.

Meaning of Array & Array Definition