Definition of Arraignment:

  1. The court in a criminal case where the charges are read out to the named defendant and whether he (unless he is insane or stupid) pleads guilty.

  2. An indictment is a court process in which the accused is asked to read and confess his guilt. The charges came after the arrest of the accused and formal charges.

  3. The process of taking someone to court.

  4. The legal process usually goes through several stages before it is considered closed. In civil cases, the plaintiff's first step is to file a complaint in court. Defendant then received a copy of the complaint and a notice to appear in court. In this case, plaintiffs and defendants have the option of resolving a particular case or using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures instead of going to court. The court may also provide summary judgments. If the case goes to court, the judge will ultimately rule and one of the parties can appeal the court's decision.

Synonyms of Arraignment

Accusal, Condemnation, Charge, Veiled accusation, Anathema, Fustigation, Prosecution, Insinuation, Damnation, Decrial, True bill, Count, Implication, Taxing, Imputation, Fulmination, Bringing of charges, Accusation, Denouncement, Prosecution, Allegation, Charge, Stricture, Censure, Delation, Summons, Information, Castigation, Pillorying, Trial, Accusation, Indictment, Indictment, Suit, Flaying, Laying of charges, Reprobation, Complaint, Allegement, Reprehension, Skinning alive, Bringing to book, Reproach, Blame, Impeachment, Citation, Presentment, Accusing, Denunciation, Lawsuit, Unspoken accusation, Innuendo, Plaint, Bail, Excoriation, Denunciation, Bill of particulars

How to use Arraignment in a sentence?

  1. Anyone arrested for a crime is entitled to due process, where he can speak to a judge and confess or deny his guilt.
  2. The list of charges read during Joe's indictment indicates that he was a professional offender - fraud, extortion and money laundering.
  3. He is due to be arraigned in New York by Thursday.
  4. During his prosecution, Chuck did not show any emotion at first, but burst into tears when he heard about the crimes against him.

Meaning of Arraignment & Arraignment Definition