Army Mos 68c

Army Mos 68c

68c Army College Credit (LPN)? I am curious to know what credits will be transferred to the 68 months training force PQ IPAP.

The only way to convert every military training into a college credit is to find a college that accepts and applies. Many people ask you to complete at least one course with them as it will count as military training.

When universities value teaching, it is often an unnecessary choice.

IPAP does not receive prior military training in place of actual college credit.

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Army MOS 68c. Army Practical Nursing Specialist (MOS 68C) are responsible for performing nursing care procedures. These specialist work with physicians, nurses and NCO to bring preventative, therapeutic and emergency care to soldiers and their families.


This is a section level position that expects enlisted people to pass all physical and clinical assessments. To go into this Military MOS, people should get a base score of 101 on the skilled technical (ST) and 107 on the general technical (GT) segments of the ASVAB test.

Practical Nursing specialist are needed to go to 10 weeks of Fundamental Battle Preparing. They will then, at that point, get 52 weeks of Cutting edge Individual Preparing at Fortress Sam Houston in Texas. Preparing comprise of study hall, field and clinical guidance and comprises of 2 stages.

Toward the finish of preparing the fighters should pass the Texas Leading body of Nursing Public Clinical Licensure Assessment. After the assessment the warrior will be an Authorized Useful Medical attendant.


Skills that are helpful in MOS are as follows:
• Powerful Correspondence
• Capacity to perform under pressure
• Detail oriented
Empathy and care to other people
• Interest in working with science, science, polynomial math and general science

Working of practical nurses?

Practical nursing specialist principle work is to aid all tolerant consideration schedules. This can be dressing an injury or aiding crisis techniques.
People should have solid relational abilities and can sympathize request to be effective in this position. The expert in this MOS will work with individuals of any age from babies to seniors.

They can work in regions going from careful to ICU and Practical Nursing specialist will work with and should be comfortable with, cardiovascular aspiratory frameworks, sustenance and other related field nursing regions.


A portion of their work assignments incorporate taking crucial signs, for example, circulatory strain or temperature. They will set up an IV, take blood tests, give vaccinations and control drugs. Their work capacities might differ dependent on the space they are working in.

Assuming they are working in careful they can be needed to help the doctor during a technique, dress injuries, apply emergency treatment, a tourniquet or perform different strategies to quit dying.

If working in OB they might be needed to really focus on an infant or new mother. When working in crisis, work assignments might incorporate performing life saving measures including CPR or prompt methodology.

In all areas they will be needed to survey patient condition, screen any progressions and examine the patient status with the doctor.

What does the specialist do?

The expert help with permission and release of a patient. Any required exchanges or development of the patient, will be finished by the subject matter expert. Food and fluid admission will be observed by the trained professional.

The general consideration of the patient will be directed by the trained professional. This implies that they work to recuperate whatever sickness they have, yet to make them as agreeable as conceivable during the cycle.

Expert will work with patient consideration documentation and should be acquainted with how to appropriately report and submit data. Any treatment given, notes taken or release directions given will be reported in the suitable PC frameworks.

Since these expert work in a clinical setting, their hours might be long and they may frequently change. The Military Enrolling video beneath gives more data on preparing and occupation capacities.


Army MOS 68c work with the other nurses and specialist and offer medical care to the family members of the army.


The Military has liberal advantages in contrast with most regular citizen occupations. In the case of living on base, the Military pays for both lodging and food.

Different advantages include:
• Free/minimal expense clinical and dental
• Paid Wiped out Time
• 30 days paid yearly get-away
• Minimal expense disaster protection
• Yearly Military Attire Stipend

Medical insurance:

The Army MOS 68C gives a wide assortment of health advantages, including obligatory wellbeing and mishap inclusion. Clinical service is acquired through the unique Program.

The Program offers a wide assortment of clinical benefits at partaking offices where you can visit for routine tests, routine hospitalization and long term care, and short term care. Administration individuals’ wards might fit the bill for inclusion as well.

Paid sick time:

Active duty specialist get paid debilitated leave in the assistance, which is indispensable for physical, mental, and passionate wellbeing. The Experts might utilize around three days of debilitated leave for minor diseases like colds, influenza, and upset stomachs.

Paid debilitated leave might be utilized simultaneously with some other paid leave time the Trooper is qualified for get as per relevant state and government laws.

Free housing and food:

The army MOS 68C gives a wide assortment of advantages, including lodging and food recompenses. Warriors are qualified for the Fundamental Stipend for Lodging (BAH). The BAH is paid into your financial balance every month and will cover lease, utilities, furniture rental, and other various costs identified with quarters.

This remittance can be utilized to assist with counterbalancing any lodging costs not covered by the BAH, for example, home loan or interest installments on advances got by Armed force claimed land.

Tuition assistance:

The army MOS 68C is qualified for tuition assistance (T.A.) to help pay for school courses. To qualify, the Trooper should be taken a crack at a degree or endorsement program at a passing foundation.

The educational cost help courses should prompt a partner’s or alternately four year college education or another accreditation, for example, a professional declaration that will make the Trooper more important to the Military and U.S. society overall or further develop the Experts ■■■■■■■■■ of their obligation tasks.


When we are joining army as Army MOS 68c we get many benefits like free housing and food, we got paid monthly and also get tuition assistance from the army.

How much does 68c make in the army?

Job title Employer Salary
Practical nursing specialist US department of the army $41k-53k
Practical nursing specialist 68C Army reserve US department of the army $20k-26k
Practical nursing specialist 68C Requires enlisting into the army US department of the army $40k-80k

Frequently asked questions:

Few questions related to our topic are as follow:

1: Does 68C deploy?

Ordinarily, Armed force medical attendants will send to battle zones. Nonetheless, they will seldom wander ‘outside the wire’, and are generally far away from seeing any genuine battle.

2: How hard is 68C?

The 68C course is intense genuinely however scholastically, and running keeps great oxygen going to the mind. Secondary school classes in life structures, science and physiology will help in the preparation. Somebody enrolling from here will likely go through essential preparing at Fortress Leonard Wood, that is around 10 weeks.

3: Are army nurses officers?

All military RNs are commissioned officers, and so unfortunately, RNs with an associate degree are disqualified. Any civilian who earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing and received an RN license in their state can apply for a direct commission.

4: Can you get nursing degree through the military?

You surely can get a nursing degree while joined the military, yet this is just one of a few distinct ways that enrolling in the equipped administrations can assist you with a profession in medical care.

5: Do military nurses carry guns?

And since they have often become targets, all medical personnel carry a ■■■■■■ or service rifle (M-16) at all times, to be used for self-defense only.

6: What rank is a LPN in the army?

Practical Nursing Specialist – 68C. The practical nursing specialist supervises or performs preventive, therapeutic, and emergency nursing care procedures under the supervision of a physician, nurse or NCO.

7: How long is LPN to RN program?

It relies upon whether you are seeking after a partner degree or a four year certification program. A LPN to RN program can take anyplace somewhere in the range of two and four years.

8: What state pays LPN’s the most?

In light of the measurements in the US, the express that pays the most elevated wages to their LPN experts is Connecticut. It is trailed by Rhode Island, Region of Columbia, Massachusetts, and The Frozen North. LPNs can likewise track down most elevated business and pay rates in Metropolitan.

9: What rank is a 68C in the army?

The closest you are going to get in the enlisted ranks is the Practical Nursing Specialist (68C). The practical nursing SPC supervises or performs preventive therapeutic, and emergency nursing care procedures under supervision of a physician, nurse or NCO (in accordance with DA Pam 611–21, 10–68C).


Army MOS 68C is a panel of nurses that works with other specialist and offers services to the army and family members of the army. For that they get paid and also get free house and studies from the army. They are on good rank and do well.

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Army Mos 68c. Armed force Practical Nursing Specialists (MOS 68C) are liable for performing nursing care techniques. These experts work with doctors, medical attendants, and NCOs to bring deterrent, helpful, and crisis care to fighters and their families.

How Does a Practical Nursing Specialist respond?

The sensible Nursing Specialist’s essential occupation is to help all calm thought plans. This can be dressing a physical issue or supporting emergency systems. Individuals ought to have strong social capacities and can distinguish be compelling in this position. The master in this MOS will work with people of all ages from infants to seniors.

They can work in areas going from cautious to ICU and OB. Sensible Nursing Specialists will work with and ought to be familiar with, cardiovascular aspiratory systems, sustenance, and other related field nursing areas. A piece of their work endeavors joins taking basic signs, for instance, heartbeat or temperature.

They will set up an IV, take blood tests give vaccinations, and control remedies. Their work limits may move contingent upon the space they are working in.

If they are working cautiously, they can be expected to help the specialist during a method, dress wounds, apply crisis treatment, a tourniquet, or perform various procedures to stop passing on. In the event that working in OB they may be expected to truly zero in on a newborn child or new mother.

When working in an emergency, work endeavors may fuse performing life-saving measures including CPR or brief procedures. In all spaces, they will be expected to review the patient’s condition, screen any changes, and analyze the patient status with the specialist.

The master assists with the acceptance and arrival of a patient. Any necessary trades or advancement of the patient will be done by the prepared proficient. Food and liquid affirmation will be seen by the well-informed authority. The overall thought of the patient will be coordinated by the educated authority.

This infers that they work to retouch whatever hardship they have just as to make them as pleasant as possible during the association. The master will work with patient thought documentation and ought to be familiar with how to suitably record and submit information. Any treatment given notes taken or discharge rules given will be filed in the reasonable PC structures.

Since these specialists work in a clinical deciding, their hours may have a spot, and they may much of the time vary. The Army Recruiting video under gives more information on preparing and occupation limits.

How much does a 68C make in the army?

Practical nursing specialist 68c Jobs

Job Title Employer Salary
PRACTICAL NURSING SPECIALIST (68C) US Department of the Army $40K-$60K
Practical Nursing Specialist US Department of the Army $41K-$53K
Practical Nursing Specialist (68C) Requires enlisting into the Army US Department of the Army $40K-$80K


The MOS 68C is a tactical occupation strength that has no immediate nonmilitary personnel same. The expert backings clinical treatment for injured, harmed, or sick people in the field. They give clinical management and documentation in military activities. This occupation expects possibility to be capable of critical thinking abilities and the capacity to dissect the circumstance to make a successful move.

Functional Nursing Specialist in the Army MOS 68C

Outfitted power Practical Nursing Specialist (MOS 68C) is a calling that gives the care to hurt heroes, similarly as two or three kinds of clinical treatment needed for the people who depend upon a source outside of dynamic military powers.

The Army Practical Nursing Specialist (MOS 68C) is generally liable for diagnosing, treating, and settling patients who are not fundamentally hurt. The commitments gave clinical treatment to contenders for the field. Rather than most military positions, furnished power clinical specialists don’t have direct contact with the enemy. Taking everything into account, they give care to U.S. contenders and their families.

A significant part of the time, they will offer determined assistance to the people who complete missions or help powers in the outfitted battle. The occupation moreover incorporates joining the effort with people from the enlisted power, including patients. As a long-lasting field, this MOS gets into the class of military medicine.


ASVAB scores ought to be generous at the hour of usage to possess all the necessary qualities for thought. To be a MOS 68C, competitors will go through exhaustive readiness, including the U.S. Equipped power Signal School Basic Course for a long while and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for quite a while. A 101 score on the Skilled Technical fragment and 107 on the General Technical area are required.

Convincing Communication

Social capacities are the way to achievement in any occupation, and military help is no unique case. Social capacities will help you with getting your point across, getting analysis from bosses and accomplices, and understanding the necessities of others around you so you can be their patron.

Correspondence is a critical quality to have as a attendant. Correspondence with patients and their families ensures that they are instructed and aware of their contemplations. Correspondence can moreover deal with open-minded satisfaction, which overhauls patient outcomes.

Perform under pressure

In military help, extraordinary social capacities will help you with prospering under tension. In each piece of military life, from fight undertakings to philanthropic tries abroad, there are times when people’s lives stay in a basic state while decisions should be made quickly under enormous strain. You ought to stay cool as a cucumber expecting you want your words or exercises to have the best effect on such crucial occasions.


Nursing specialists ought to be fastidious to give quality thought to patients. Careful attention considers fit affirmation of any movements or changes that may happen later on, for instance, wound repairing or weight gain/setback.

These nuances license Practical Nursing Specialists the opportunity to all the almost certain response requests from patients and roll out fundamental improvements depending upon a patient’s condition at some irregular time during their visit.

Care to other people

Compassion, care, and stress for others are maybe the primary character characteristic of a clinical chaperon. Incredible social capacities will similarly help you with showing compassion and care for others under tension since the sensations of others will unavoidably turn out to be perhaps the main element.

Your ability to listen clearly and carefully, to give analysis helpfully, and to act subject to such information will altogether chip away at your relationship with your companions, your family members, and your subordinates.

Support can be cultivated by making patients feel extraordinary in their present conditions. This licenses patients to change the way in which they view the condition or the condition of their venerated one.

Compassion can be refined through focusing on your patient, presenting requests that grant them to improve, getting what is hard for them, and giving comfort when required. Patients like the orderly’s compassion since it licenses them to feel more quiet understanding that their necessities are being met.

Interest in the going with field

You’ll be liable for giving a wide extent of clinical consideration to organizations in a grouping of settings. You’ll sort out some way to manage the cleared out and hurt, give shield clinical consideration to organizations, and help people with preparing for an operation.

Outfitted power nursing occupations play out a wide extent of commitments; it is potentially the most respected clinical vocation available in the U.S. Military.

Premium in science: The Army gives a boundless examination of science and the total of its associated fields. You’ll be drawn closer to show your understanding and capacities in science-related endeavors like taking apart food, water, and air tests; arranging tests; and surveying manufactured risks.

Interest in science: The Army helps you with learning the fundamentals of the human body through science classes. These classes help you with perceiving how living things work at a cell level, familiarize you with organs like the circulatory structure, stomach-related structure, respiratory system, tactile framework, and skeletal muscle.

Interest in polynomial math: The Army has a collection of math courses open for understudies wanting to pursue a calling in prescription or planning. These mathematical courses cover focuses like reasoning, experiences, probability, and applied math.

Interest in ordinary science: The Army has a variety of general science classes available for understudies wanting to pursue work in drug and planning. Examination of science, science, and actual science is required for school-gave EMT/Paramedic and Physician Assistant ¶ licensure.

Work Responsibilities

Outfitted power Practical Nursing Specialists (MOS 68C) in the Army clinical benefits system play out a grouping of commitments to help clinical treatment, surgeries, regular cleansing, significant physical processes checking, work out based recovery, and dental neatness.

Commitments consolidate assisting chaperons with clinical commitments like installing catheters or preparing patients for operations or explicit sorts of appraisals.

Staying aware of electronic prosperity records; coordinating remedies under serious guidelines; arranging patients to participate in non-noisy treatment works out; washing patients and performing other normal sanitization tasks like disinfecting gear. They also help patients with clothing, food, and individual neatness.

Help patient thought plans

Outfitted power Practical Nursing Specialists resemble Army Nurse Practitioners. The specialist oversees solutions, performs methods, examines, and treats patients in or outside the facility. The primary qualification is that they are not turning any longer reached out through turning shifts inside 24 hours.

Direct medications

The 68C ought to have the option to use any fluid transport structure upheld for use by the clinical treatment office, just as being acquainted with English language capacities for all patients from all countries. They are moreover expected to complete the AARC Advanced Cardiac Life Support course or equivalent getting ready similarly as CPR affirmation.

This infers they can screen a patient’s heart, screen circulatory strain, screen breathing, help with choosing the necessity for an IV and show a level of clinical capacities to have the choice to treat a patient in a disturbing situation.

Submit report

The 68C ought to submit without fail reports of all patients treated by them that week. This report ought to join economics, kind of injury, the method for injury, and representation. This report is to be assembled by the Saturday before the following week begins. The reports are regularly sent electronically yet can similarly be faxed or hand-passed during working hours.

Frequently asked Questions

Inquiries regarding armed force MOS 68c are given underneath

1. What does a 68C do in the military?

The Practical Nursing Specialist coordinates or performs preventive, accommodating, and emergency nursing care procedures under the oversight of a specialist, chaperon, or NCO.

2. How long is LPN to RN program?

It depends upon whether you are looking for an accomplice degree or a four-year school training program. An LPN to RN program can take wherever someplace in the scope of two and four years.

3. Is a 70 nice on the ASVAB?

With standard scores, the larger part score is someplace in the scope of 30 and 70. That suggests that a standard score of 50 is an ordinary score and that a score of 60 is a surprisingly good score.

4. What is the RN remuneration?

The amount of years’ experience is the second component that might affect an orderly’s pay. Most enrolled clinical overseers start their livelihood on pay between $60,000 – $65,000.


A pragmatic nursing expert is enlisted nurture who performs auxiliary nursing administrations. This occupation requires specific preparation and the culmination of an enlistment test directed by the Nurse Aide Registry.

Useful Nursing Specialists are the workmanship and study of dealing with patients who are debilitated or harmed. Down-to-earth medical caretakers are experts who give direct quiet consideration under the direction of enlisted nurture.

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Army MOS 68C. It is a more recent MOS (Military Occupational Specialty). And, It’s miles a smart Army activity to take on. The Army 68C performs nursing care in preventive, healing, and emergency conditions. All of which can be under the supervision of a physician, nurse, or a skilled NCO. This role calls for professional folks that are operating in all clinical conditions whether or not in a managed or deployed environment.

Army Pressure Practical Nursing Specialist (MOS)

Army Pressure Practical Nursing Specialist (MOS 68C) is a career that offers care to harmed warriors, simply as multiple varieties of the scientific remedy required for the folks that depend on a supply out of doors of dynamic army powers.

The Army Practical Nursing Specialist (MOS 68C) is responsible for diagnosing, treating, and settling sufferers who aren’t essentially harmed. The responsibilities don’t forget giving medical remedies to combatants for the field.

In evaluation to maximum army positions, armed pressure clinical attendants do not have a direct touch with the adversary. All matters being equal, they supply care to U.S. warring parties and their families. Much of the time, they may provide calculated assistance to those who entire missions or assist powers withinside the supplied struggle.

The profession moreover consists of collaboration with people from the enrolled power, which includes sufferers. As a lifelong field, this MOS squeezes into the elegance of army medication.


The MOS 68C is a tactical career power that has no instantaneously nonmilitary employees same. The professional backings scientific remedy for injured, harmed, or ill humans withinside the field. This profession expects the opportunity to be able to have crucial wondering skills and the ability to dissect the condition to make a successful move.

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Army MOS 68C jobs

Job Title Employer Salary
Practical Nursing Specialist 68C US Department of the Army $40k to $60k
Practical Nursing Specialist US Department of the Army $41k to $53k
Practical Nursing Specialist 68C requires enlisting into the Army US Department of the Army $40k to $80k

Qualification of an army MOCS 68C

ASVAB rankings have to be massive on the hour of usage to match the invoice for thought. To be a MOS 68C, applicants will undergo thorough preparation, which includes the U.S. Armed Pressure Signal School basic course for pretty a while and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for a completely long time. A-one zero one rating at the Skilled Technical fragment and 107 at the General Technical segment are required.

Army 68C Responsibilities And Duties

Often, an affected person in an Army care facility could be visible first via way of means of a 68C. The Practical Nursing Specialist has a big variety of obligations and duties, which could include:

• Administering medicine prescribed through a physician through injections.

• Change dressings on wounds.

• Assessing the affected person’s circumstance and tracking changes.

• Obtaining crucial signs. Providing immunizations.

• Recording clinical history.

• Coordinating affected person discharge.

•Supervising Nursing Assistants.

• And a great dealdeal more.

Compelling Communication

Relational skills are the manner to accomplishment in any occupation, and army help is no unique case. Relational talents will help you with making your self complaint from governors and partners, and comprehending the requirements of others around you so that you may be their contributor.

Correspondence is a full-size excellent to have as an attendant. Correspondence with sufferers and their households ensures that they’re knowledgeable and aware of their considerations. Correspondence can likewise work on tolerant fulfillment which improvements affected person results.


Nursing specialists must be meticulous to present high-satisfactory attention to sufferers. Tender loving care considers acknowledgment of any progressions or adjustments that would show up later on, for example, wound mending or weight gain/misfortune.

These subtleties allow Practical Nursing Specialists the danger to all of the much more likely solution inquiries from sufferers and make critical modifications depending upon a patient’s circumstance at a few random times for the duration of their visit.

Care to different humans

Sympathy, care, and fear for others are possibly the primary character traits of a clinical attendant. Great relational talents will likewise help you with displaying sympathy and taking care of others beneath neath strain for the reason that he t emotions of others will inevitably emerge as likely the maximum crucial factor.

Your ability to concentrate straightforwardly and mindfully, to offer complaint beneficially, and to behave depending on such enter will considerably work for your institutions together along with your friends, your relatives, and your subordinates.

Perform under stress

In army assistance, incredible relational talents will help you with flourishing under strain. In every part of navy life, from conflict responsibilities to philanthropic endeavors abroad, there are instances when individuals’ lives stay in a kingdom at the same time as picks have to be made swiftly under large tension.

You have to stay without care withinside the global assuming you want your phrases or sports to have the maximum perfect effect at such vital instances.

Training for the army 68C

Training to come to be a 68C is long. You will first have to finish Basic Combat Training. From there you may undergo three stages of Advanced Individual Training. Leading off, you’ll teach at Fort Sam Houston, getting several statistics in a brief time.

From there, you’ll visit a secondary education web page that could live at Fort Sam Houston, or to Walter Reed, Base Lewis- McChord, or some of the others. Part of the 2d segment can be in the study room and additionally scientific rotations.

The third section is wherein you without delay with a health center body of workers member and is their shadow. This all lasts about fifty-two weeks. Once completed, you’ll be despatched to an Army hospital therapy facility and could work carefully with different teams of workers.


Practical Nursing Specialists are required to wait 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training. They will then acquire fifty-two weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. Training includes classroom, area, and scientific preparation and includes 2 phases.

Frequent asked questions

Some relevant questions about Army MOS 68C are as follows

1. What does a 68C do withinside the army?

The Practical Nursing Specialist supervises or plays preventive, therapeutic, and emergency nursing care strategies below the supervision of a physician, nurse, or NCO.

2. Do 68C deploy?

Typically, Army nurses will installation to fight zones. However, they may very not often venture 'out of doors the wire’ and are historically some distance far from seeing any actual fight.

3. Is a 68C an RN?

The Army 68C plays nursing care in preventive, healing, and emergency conditions. All of which might be below the supervision of a physician, nurse, or a skilled NCO.

4. How do you turn out to be a 68c withinside the army?

To input into this Army MOS, people have to get hold of a minimal rating of a hundred and one at the Skilled Technical (ST) and 107 at the General Technical (GT) quantities of the ASVAB test. Practical Nursing Specialists are required to wait 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training.

5. What rank is a nurse withinside the Army?

In addition to experience, strong point training, or education, your pay grade and rank climb up. For example, as an army nurse withinside the Army, you will begin as Second Lieutenant, then First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and so on. With every earned rank, exceptional duties and better pay grades are awarded.

6. Do army nurses visit conflict?

Today, navy nurses keep navy rank and maybe a part of any of the Nurse Corps of any predominant army branch, together with the Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. It also can be relatively risky seeing that it is now no longer unusual for navy nurses to be deployed to overseas conflict zones with troops.

7. Are Army nurses officers?

All army RNs have commissioned officers, and so, unfortunately, RNs with an accomplice diploma are disqualified. Any civilian who earned a bachelor’s diploma in nursing and obtained an RN license of their country can practice for an immediate commission.

8. Can I bridge from LPN to RN online?

LPN-to-RN bridge packages online put together college students for licensure. Each country units its requirements. Students must choose an LPN-to- RN online software withinside the nation they want to practice. After nurses earn their licenses, they should entirely persevere with schooling hours.

9. Does 68C take Nclex?

Army MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 68C Practical Nursing Specialist. All college students should skip the NCLEX-PN test (National Council Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical Nurses) to finish the course, making them an LPN. This is a medical institution job.


This is a first-rate MOS to move up withinside the Army. Plus, the blessings of after Army carrier are numerous. Medical care centers continually want humans with this form of experience. A pragmatic nursing professional is an enlisted ture who plays auxiliary nursing administrations.

This profession calls for particular instruction and the result of an enlistment check directed through the Nurse Aide Registry. Useful Nursing Specialists are the workmanship and observation of managing sufferers who’re debilitated or harmed.

Down-to-earth clinical caretakers are professionals who deliver direct quiet attention under the course of enlisted nurture.

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Army MOS 68c. Armed force practical nursing specialists (MOS 68C) perform nursing care methods and strategies. These experts work with doctors, attendants, and NCOs to bring safeguard, remedial, and crisis care to fighters and their families.

Armed force MOS 68C is a board of medical caretakers that works with differently trained professionals and offers administrations to the Army and relatives of the Army. For that work, they get great paid and get free home and studies from the Army. They are on good rank and do well.


Nursing care procedures are performed by Army Practical Nursing Specialists (MOS 68C). These specialists collaborate with doctors, nurses, and NCOs to provide soldiers and their families with preventative, therapeutic, and emergency treatment.

The Practical Nursing Specialist manages or craftsman preventive, supportive, and crisis nursing care processes beneath the oversight of a Nurphysician, medical caretaker, or NCO.

Qualifications, Training, and Duty Stations:

Recruits for this entry-level post must pass all physical and medical tests.

To be considered for this Army MOS, people should score 101 on the Skilled Technical (S.T.) and 107 on the General Technical (G.T.) parts of the ASVAB test.

Fundamental Combat Training is expected of Practical Nursing Specialists for a considerable time.

In this manner, they will go to Fort Sam Houston in Texas for a considerable time of Advanced Individual Training. Classroom, field, and clinical instruction are all part of the training, divided into two sections.

Later in their preparation, the soldiers should pass the Texas Board of Nursing National Clinical Licensure Examination. The Army will be a Licensed Practical Nurse after breezing through the test.

Professional skills which are fruitful in the MOS:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Ability to perform under stress
  • Compassion and care to others
  • Effective communication
  • Interest in working with biology, general science, chemistry, and algebra.

Duty Stations

Those serving in the Army as a MOS 68C can expect to be potentially based at one of the following duty stations:

Inside the Continental US (CONUS)

  • Ft. Detrick, MD
  • Ft. Belvoir, VA
  • Ft. Benning, GA
  • Ft. Bethesda, MD
  • Ft. Bliss, TX
  • Ft. Bragg, NC
  • Ft. Campbell, K
  • Ft. Carson, CO
  • Ft. Eustis, VA
  • Ft. Gordon, GA
  • Ft. Hood, TX
  • Ft. Irwin, CA
  • Ft. Jackson, MS
  • Ft. Knox, K
  • Ft. Leavenworth, KS
  • Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
  • Ft. Lewis, WA
  • Ft. Meade, MD
  • Ft. Polk, LA
  • Ft. Riley, KS
  • Ft. Sam Houston, TX
  • Ft. Sill, OK
  • Ft. Stewart, GA
  • West Point, NY

Outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS)

  • Ft. Richardson, AK
  • Ft. Wainwright, AK
  • Tripler, HAWAII
  • Hohenfels, German
  • Landstuhl, Germany
  • Mierau, Germany
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Yongsan, South Korea

Job overview:

As a Practical Nursing Specialist, you’ll perform therapeutic, preventive, and emergency nursing care under the supervision of a physician registered nurse or non-commissioned Officer to offer the best level of medical care to Soldiers and their families.

What is the Salary of a Practical Nursing Specialist?

Recruits with no prior military experience or related education can expect to earn roughly $20,000 per year in basic pay when they join this MOS. This total is controlled by rank and administration time. During the first few months of training, income fluctuates.

No Job Title Employer Salary
1 Practical Nursing Specialist 68C U.S. Department of the Army $40k to $60k
2 Practical Nursing Specialist U.S. Department of the Army $41k to $53k
3 Practical Nursing Specialist 68C requires enlisting into the Army U.S. Department of the Army $40k to $80k


In contrast with most regular citizen callings, the Army offers excellent advantages.

The Army gives you both lodging and food, assuming you live nearby.

Other advantages include:

  • Paid Sick Time
  • Low-cost life insurance
  • Free and low cost medical and dental
  • Annual military clothing allowance
  • 30 days paid annual vacation

This position licenses for a confirmation adaptable into a nonmilitary personnel vocation. For the people who need to proceed with training past the declaration, the Army offers educational cost help programs, including book cost help.

Free lodging and meal: The Army MOS 68C provides various benefits, including lodging and meal reimbursements. Warriors are eligible for the Lodging Fundamental Stipend (BAH). Consistently, the BAH is kept into your financial balance to cover lease, utilities, furniture rental, and different costs meant by quarters.

It transfer can be used to help offset any accommodation costs not covered by the BAH, such as home loans or interest payments on advances obtained through Armed Forces claimed land.

Tuition support: The Army MOS 68C qualifies for tuition assistance (T.A.) to assist with the cost of schooling. The Trooper ought to take on a degree or support program at a trustworthy organization to get ready.

The informative assistance classes should lead to a partner’s or conversely a four-year higher education or another certification, such as a specialist proclamation, that will increase the Officer’s importance to the Army and U.S. culture overall or further make the Specialists of their obligation obligations.

Medical insurance: The Army MOS 68C provides a comprehensive range of health benefits, including mandatory health and accident coverage. The exceptional Program is utilized to get clinical administrations.

The Program offers different clinical types of assistance at taking an interest in workplaces, including routine diagnostics, hospitalization, extended haul care, and momentary consideration. Wards of organization authorities may likewise be qualified for consideration.

Paid sick leave: Active duty specialists are entitled to paid sick leave in the military, which is critical for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. For gentle diseases like colds, flu, and upset stomachs, the Experts might require as long as three days of wiped-out leave.


The Army MOS 68C offers a variety of perks, such as accommodation and meal allowances. The BAH is transferred into your bank account every month to pay rent, furniture, tuition rental, electricity, medical, and other costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are a few inquiries connected with armed force MOS 68C, which are:

1: What does a 68C do in the Army?

Ans: Under the guidance of an attendant, doctor, and NCO, the practical nursing expert manages or performs preventive, helpful, and crisis nursing care methodology. For more data about MOS 68C, visit the MOS 68C site.

2: Is 68C a suitable MOS temperature?

Ans: The 68C MOS is the Army’s third-largest and the second largest in the CMF. As far as the Program, it’s a troublesome MOS. One of the most fulfilling, as I would like to think.

3: Does 68C accept Nclex?

Ans: 68C practical nursing specialist is an army MOS (military occupational specialty). To finish school and become an LPN, all understudies should pass the NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical Nurses). It is a situation in a clinic.

4: Is MOS 42A a good choice?

Ans: Human Resource Specialist, MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 42A in the Adjutant Generals Corps, is the most “in the know” profession in the Army. Human Resource Specialist was the highest-ranked job in the Army, with 42A’s giving it a 4.3 out of five ratings.

5: How difficult is 68°C?

Ans: The 68C course is testing. However, not scholastic since running keeps a great deal of oxygen streaming to the mind. Classes in life structures, science, what’s more physiology in optional school will support the arrangement. Any individual who enlists from here will undoubtedly go through ten weeks in Fortress Leonard Wood, going through essential preparation.

6: In the Army, what rank is a 68C?

Ans: The Practical Nursing Specialist is the closest you’ll come in the enlisted ranks (68C). The practical nursing SPC supervises or performs preventative, therapeutic, and emergency nursing procedures under a physician, nurse, or NCO (DA Pam 611–21, 10–68C).

7: Are nurses in the army officers?

Ans: Since all military R.N.s are authorized officials, R.N.s with a partner degree, any regular citizen with a four-year certification in nursing, and a state-gave R.N. permit are qualified for a direct commission.

8: How do you become a 68c while serving in the Army?

Ans: Candidates should have an ASVAB score of 111 on the Skilled Technical (S.T.), and 107 on the GeneralSpecialized (G.T.) amounts to be qualified for this Army MOS. Down to earth, Nursing Specialists should stand by ten weeks in the wake of finishing Basic Combat Training.

9: Do army nurses go to war zones?

Ans: Today, navy nurses maintaintheir maritime status and possibly individuals from the Nurse Corps of any significant armed force branch, including the navy, air force, and coast guard. It can likewise be unsafe, considering that naval force medical caretakers are progressively conveyed to distant struggle zones close by troops.


The Army MOS 68C is a military occupation capability with no nonmilitary people in immediate nearness. Clinical treatment for harmed, hurt, or debilitated individuals in the field are upheld by the master. In military exercises, they give clinical administration and documentation. This occupation requires methodical reflection and analyzing situations to make the best decision.