Army Mos 68a

Army Mos 68a

Mos Army 68A vs. 68K? What is better Why? ۔

I was trying to join the army and my recruiter pressured me to sign 68k, but I wanted 68k. The 68k strike is long and has a 10,000 entry bonus, but I really want 68k. Should I apply for only 68,000 or wait for the job of my choice to become available?


You said in your second thread that your recruiter pressured you to do what you don't want to do. what is the meaning of this? He takes care of himself and his part.

The Medical Laboratory Specialist (68K) has an additional nine weeks of AIT (Advanced Individual Training) or one year as compared to 41 weeks for a specialist instrument specialist. The requirements for ASVAB are almost identical (score 106 to 107).

It doesn't matter if the works belong to the 68 series, they are very different. Becoming a phlebotomist and testing blood cultures. The other is goods. Very different. One is directly related to patients (people) and the other to inanimate objects (teachers).

Do you feel comfortable stabbing people with a needle? Are you ready to tolerate a grumpy patient?

Bonuses are often funny. You do not yet understand and you need to meet some requirements. Refund if you do not meet these requirements.

I have news for you. You can sign up for one and wait for the other, but the other will never come. Once you enter the dotted line, you will be discarded. Go where they say. You do what is best for them. There is no way to change your series if you show that it is short or there is no chance.

Your recruiter is filling your quota. He was warmly welcomed and did his best.

You can go to a community college and take a program for one of them. Phlebotomy and laboratory techniques will take less than a year. You will need an installer / equipment specialist in less than a year. When you join the army, you talk about eight years of service without leaving it.

Army Mos 68a