Arm's Length Transaction

Arm's Length Transaction,

How Do You Define Arm's Length Transaction?

  1. Arm's Length Transaction means: Mutual trade refers to a business transaction in which buyers and sellers work independently of each other, without the other party influencing the other party. This type of sale shows that both parties are working in their own interests and there is no pressure from the other party. In addition, he reassured others that there was no collusion between buyers and sellers. To be fair, both parties generally have equal access to transactional information.

    • The parties involved in the market sale usually do not have a pre-existing relationship with each other.
    • This type of property transaction helps ensure that the value of the property is fair.
    • Transactions between family members or companies and affiliated shareholders are not considered to be based on market terms.

  2. Transactions between the parties, each acting in its own interest.

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