Arms Index (TRIN)

Arms Index (TRIN),

Arms Index (TRIN) Meanings:

Arms Index (TRIN) definition is: The Weapons Index, also called the Short Term Trading Index (TRIN), is an analytical technical indicator that compares the number of fast and falling stocks (AD AD Index) with fast and falling stocks (AD volume). It is used to measure the general sentiment of the market. Richard W. Arms Jr. discovered in 1967 and measured the relationship between supply and demand in the market. It acts as a predictor of future price movements in the market, especially during the day. It does this by generating more purchases and oversold levels that indicate when the direction of the index (and most stocks) will change.

  • If the volume of AD produces more than the ratio of AD, the TRIN is less than one.
  • If the volume of AD is less than the ratio of AD, it is greater than the TRIN unit.
  • Train values ​​below 1 are usually associated with a sharp rise in price, as a higher volume of shares leads to an increase.
  • A train value is usually associated with a sharp decline in prices, as a large drop in volume encourages a settlement.
  • The arms index moves in the opposite direction of the price. As mentioned above, a strong recovery will cause the train to move downwards. A lower index causes an increase in TRIN.

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