Ark Element Command

Ark Element Command

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VIDEOWhat is the cheat code for the article in Ark?

Spawn Command Cheat GFI Element 1 0 0 or Cheat Giveitem Blueprint / Game / PrimalEarth / CoreBlueprints / Resources / PrimalItemResource_Element.PrimalItemResource_Element_C 1 0 0
To get used to something 133 pieces
Made in Tek Replicator Charge Node No.

How do you get a spooky item in Ark? Eery Element is a special type of element in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile. Can be obtained by killing bosses. Eery Element is used to craft Tek items from blueprints collected in the dungeons. 1 × Eery Element is also from Tributing Pt. Available.

Also, how can I get unstable items in Ark?

Bass. Unstable item is created in inventory with 1000 × Dust element. You have a two minute healing timer and then convert it to a standard item.

How do I make object fragments?

To bring up an object fragment, use the command: admincheat Summon None. For information on generating with the GFI command, see the GFI command.

Can you turn the object into dust?

Element Dust can then be transformed into a city terminal by dividing Element and its scissors (at an 80% loss) into 200 and 2 powders, respectively.

What ammo does the Tek Tower use?

This tower uses fragments of elements as ammunition. The Tek Tower requires electricity from a Tek Generator to function. This is an improved version of the automatic turret.

Is there a creative mode in Ark?

Creative fashion. A quick and easy way to build. Server admins can now enable Creative Mode for certain players. In single player mode, you can activate it yourself.

What ammo does a Tek rifle use?

Tek Shotgun Ammo uses an Element (100) Blast Damage 150 Fire Rate 4 RPS

How long does the element last in a Tek Generator?


How do you use Tek armor?

After creating the armor, you will need the item to upgrade it and can be obtained by killing the bosses. the armor must be activated, just put the item on the armor. After hitting and moving space, allow yourself to fly right here to fly. You can also run big by pressing Shift w and the Ctrl key.

Ark Element Command