Arito En El Labio

Arito En El Labio

I wonder what it means to pierce the lower right corner?

Hahahaha this is it !! Yes, they say it means and here I tell you:

Free to feed my way. Have sex in the lower slave and not superior to the intellectuals.

And here I leave another for you !!

In most cases (not all), the message that the ornament is worn on the body begins with:

I am free €

In the navel آزاد œ â I am free from my relationship

I am free to read whatever I want.

"I am free from father's authority" in the nose

ایل ایل I am free to feed in my own way in El La Lao, which is inferior in senses and higher in thought.

On the eyebrows - I'm free to express my feelings.

I am free to say whatever I want.

It just means someone wants a hole in the bottom right corner: D.

Okay guys, I think you're still a little bit wrong that piercings don't matter, I know where you put them, it was said a while ago ...

Arito En El Labio