Area: What is the Meaning of Area?

Territorial subdivisions, often called diagnostic zones within the state, are used for diagnostic purposes.

Meanings of Area

  1. Boundary or width of an area or region.

  2. One title or multiple activities or interests.

  3. An indoor dwelling provides access to the basement of a building.

Synonyms of Area

scope, district, line, sector, compass, extent, region, quarter, department, compartment, size, zone, territory, expanse, province, domain

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Area Meanings:

Regional subdivisions, often called diagnostic zones, are used for diagnostic purposes within a state.

Meanings of Area

  1. Region or city, country or part of the world.

  2. Area or boundary of an area or land.

  3. A series of topics or activities or interests.

  4. Lowercase letters that allow access to the basement of the building.

Sentences of Area

  1. Britney countryside

  2. Regional ladder

Synonyms of Area

neck of the woods, field, parish, proportions, turf, neighbourhood, belt, tract, stretch, community, realm, locality, manor, acreage, patch, square footage, measurements, environment, discipline, sweep, spot, sphere


Area Definition:

Regional subdivisions, commonly referred to as diagnostic zones in some states, are used for diagnostic purposes.

Synonyms of Area

section, dimensions, locale