Area Code Tattoos

Area Code Tattoos

Are they affiliated with the Area Code Tattoo Gang?

no. It turns out that some groups have tattoos with area codes to represent where they come from, but not the other way around. Getting an area code tattoo doesn't make you a gangster.


Edit: OK, I'm from ADO and I see 510 people everywhere, but some of them look like middle-aged women. Some were twenty-year-old boys. I mean, they can be thugs, I don't know, but as I said, they are not related to the primary gang. Bullies do, but hey, there are about 400,000 people on Odd, do you expect some people to get their hands off the 510s on their wrists? I do not think

Area codes are now growing and constantly changing. Increasingly, my usage changed the area code three times. It's good now and it may be important to you, but make sure it's okay, you'll regret it. People will look at the area code and not think about the gang, but they may think you are trying to be good and regret the decision, so those who respond to you will think that you Are one of But hey!

Yes. You're definitely from the Bay Area, not far from where you live, so I know that. You may not belong to a particular group, but many gang members do. The police also saw. No matter what you say, they will not believe you. When you pretend, remember how people see you.

Area code tattoos, tattoos that specifically mark your hometown, are often associated with prison work, but there are exceptions. Some people are proud of where they come from. But, in general, the booklet is a lock tattoo, which is characteristic of the work of prisoners.

I'm 619, I'm from home, but this is my city code, it has nothing to do with my origin.

He may not have been dressed as a gang member.

Area Code Tattoos