Are You A Problem Solver or A Complainer?

At our Company we have a fantasy worker, I will call A. At the point when I have a difficult I will talk about it with A. We will brain storm the problem for a few minutes and then we will each check out a few more facts on the issue and talk about our discoveries an hour later. Around then we will settle on a decent choice on solving the issue.

Be a great team member

A is an “indispensable member” of our team. A is intelligent, well- organized, is honest, full of integrity, fair- minded, will consistently make the best choice and can be depended on to help take care of issues and take responsibility for his or her actions at our company. In other words A is a leader.

Do you have a colleague like an in your team at work?

Wouldn’t you like all your team members to be just like our “team member A?”

Recollect leaders take responsibility for their actions and when a mistake is made they admit it and correct it immediately.

A leader stands firm for honesty and integrity and accepts responsibility for his or her actions and does not pass the blame on to someone else. President Harry Truman said all that needed to be said. “The Buck Stops Here!”

What are the three things you can do to solve problems and promote leadership at your company?

  1. Be a leader who has the courage of your convictions, the honor, integrity, morality, is fair- minded, well-organized, listens to others, will consistently make the best choice constantly, has a code of ethics and a clear and decisive passionate belief in the right way to conduct business.

  2. Always have a paper and pencil ready, where ever you are, in case you think of a solution to your problem. Think of yourself as a detective like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and look for your solutions at work or at home.

  3. Every day give yourself an opportunity to consider your issues. Be attentive and a decent listener. Begin thinking how to tackle your issues today! Want to take care of your issues and Never, Never Give Up!

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