Are Tums Vegan

Are Tums Vegan

Are Tims vegetarians? Are there animals in them? ۔

I was looking for a good vegan source of calcium. Will the teams work? And yes, I know I can get it through my diet, but I have an eating disorder, so I take supplements whenever I can. Thank you very much.


I checked Wle Foods but they are all pills and I find cheles easy to digest.

Which fruits / vegetables are rich in calcium?

You have to go to a health food store like Wle Foods. They have a race with vitamins and minerals for people of all ages. Herbal, vegan, gluten free ... whatever, they have. I would not recommend chewing like cans. They are thought to help with digestion and heartburn, so taking them daily can be stressful.

Edit: Cabbage, bok sai, tour green and broccoli are the vegetables that have the highest calcium content and all berries, fruits and oranges. They also have strong calcium orange juice, which is 165 mg per 1/2 cup.

I'm sure the stomach is vegan, but there are better ways to get calcium.

Dark green vegetables are high in calcium, so try to eat more lettuce with dark green leaves, spinach, green soybeans (cabbage), cabbage, etc. Fresh fruits / vegetables

Also, I find soy milk very helpful. I bought silk soy milk because I think it tastes better and contains as much calcium as milk. They even have a species (I think it's in a purple container) that the kids strengthen so they have more calcium and stuff.

When it comes to dietary supplements, Wle Foods offers shawl supplements, most of which are found in the vitamin section. I found this site better than Wle Foods and more than just an option, so I got my vitamins.

And then all you have to do is look for calcium in it. Says whether you are a vegan or not and are liquid calcium supplements and that.

For example, help! You are beloved :)

Are Tums Vegan