Are There Squirrels In Australia

Are There Squirrels In Australia

Is it true that there are no squirrels in Australia? 3

A small number of wild Indian squirrels live in and around the South Perth Zoo. They look cute but are considered worms.

No, no squirrels. I remember the first time I went to America and saw a squirrel almost standing in its place. To make Raw look even worse. . . It's just awesome !!

Bahahaha, yes.

My friends have cousins ​​who live in Australia and they say they have kangaroos like we have squirrels ... and when they go there they go crazy seeing squirrels because they hardly see them ]

No, we certainly don't have squirrels and hardly any other animal you can find in the whole world. We have native animals.

Completely squirrel-free

Squirrels are not native to Australia. I'm not sure if it's in the zoo either.

There are no native cats or bears in Australia (no koala bears) and no large herbivores (Rsc, deer, etc.).

We have mercenaries (kangaroo, koala, di, acadina, platypus ...)

Are There Squirrels In Australia