Are Scps Real

Are Scps Real

scps is real, please help us !!!!!?

No, they are not real.

100% fiction.

Now you can be sure that these SCPS bugs do not exist.

No, it's like a game or something hidden. But the SCP Foundation exists, but its position is very divided. People have fake videos, but the SCP Foundation relies on or.

And remember, Scp 096 does not exist. Health :)

We don't really know if some scaps are real or not, but I know some are not: 1)

I don't know the whole story behind the original SCP, but I'm pretty sure it's a terrible thing.

It seems that some SCPs may be real (for example SCP 682 may be real), but some false facts have been added. But most of them are not real.

maybe not. I've seen the most awesome Tots Top 22 SCP videos and this security footage looks very bad CGI.

No awesome SCP and no more gameplay. It's just a story / game to get people excited. You are not real.

Are Scps Real