Are Ralph Lauren Shoes Made In China

Are Ralph Lauren Shoes Made In China

Are Polo Ralph Lauren and these sneakers real? Because I bought one for £ 80 and was on one ...? 3

Are my Ralph Lauren Herald polo shoes real or fake?

Thanks for the help and response.

Many advanced stylists offer clothes, even the toughest, they say are imported. Just because you're in one doesn't mean the quality isn't good, but most people talk about high quality fashion that comes from Italy.

If you see Gilt selling standard fabrics at low prices, they are often listed as imported. But most expensive, high quality items like yours come from Italy. Ralph Lauren is an American company and I don't know where they make their products but it could be. I know Calvin Klein makes some of his clothes in Italy and charges accordingly.

I invite you to join Gold below. They have good sales and you can see where the clothes are, for example, they are constantly selling Ralph Lauren and Purple labels.

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Are Ralph Lauren Shoes Made In China