Are Olives A Fruit

Are Olives A Fruit

Is olives a fruit or a vegetable?

A question without a simple answer.

Botanically, olives are a fruit. They grow from flowers, and botany just needs to turn them into fruits.

The complication is that what botanists call fruit is not what people usually call fruit. And since botanists have borrowed the word fruit from ordinary people, they probably can't complain about it. Look, things like corn, peas, pumpkins and tomatoes also grow from flowers, so they are all botanically fruitful. But a wise man would put peas in a fruit salad.

So there is another definition of fruit, pure definition. And they say that fruit is everything that is presented and cooked like fruit. When plants are served with fried or boiled and central food, it is usually a vegetable, and when it is served raw or sweet it is a fruit.

So what does the olive do in pure terms? Since olives are usually served as a salad or appetizer and never as a dessert, I consider them vegetables because they are a botanical fruit.


Are Olives A Fruit