Are Fungi Autotrophs

Are Fungi Autotrophs

Are NGIs autotrophic or heterotrophic, or are they fed? 3

I can't find food. Ptosynthesis, decomposers, what is it? Specifically, I need this type of Armillariella mellea, how to get food. This is a mushroom. This explains when you can help someone. Thank you very much.

kingdom ngi

Film Basidiomycota


To rule

Triclomataceae family

Armillariella genus


All are NGI decomposers. They do not contain chloroplasts (hence the lack of plants and green color) and you can always find them in decaying or rotting things because they help and benefit decay. Logo type (mostly)

They are rotten.

They absorb carbon from ice sources, so they are different.

An example of an autotrophic organism is a plant.

All NCIs are different. They get their food from their hyphae. That's why the food is loose ... I hate the lasagna food they put in the fridge two weeks ago!

They are rotten ... without anything.

Are Fungi Autotrophs