Are Corgis Good With Kids

Are Corgis Good With Kids

Is Pembroke Welsh Corgi right for me? 3

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are primarily small dogs. If I have pre-Columbian children in my household, is it acceptable to adopt them?

no! Absolutely not. I volunteer at Corgi Rescue. Corgis are sheep dogs and usually hunt dogs. They are not recommended for children under 8 years of age. Reble s does not sell puppies to families under the age of 8. Most breeders do not bring dogs into families with young children.

Don't buy Corgis until the kids are older.

An old dog that has been raised with children will probably work as well as a dog without any temperament tests or training! Also, with young children (abundance) or preschoolers (abundance), there is no way to control the interaction between young children, puppies and young children during training.

Corgis are very, very cute dogs, actually more like a one-legged dog than a dog. This is the chians de troupeau and peuvent chasser /, but I never meet a person who is so aggressive to the normal reactions of chien (c'est-à-dire qu'il a mal or qu'il a très, very restless ).

Another important aspect is the safety of the dog, which must learn that the feudo is not like its stuffed animal, which can be injured by biting, hitting, pulling, etc. And that this treatment of dogs is not acceptable. It is best to give the dog a no-go area, such as your kennel, where the rules are not followed or the dog is not disturbed in that area, and a clean place for the dog when it is scared or toys. Want to play Dogs can chew or steal.

Most rescue and rescue groups do not adopt or sell my children with small children, so the authenticity of dogs can be difficult. Rebel wells that can provide stable and healthy pets will ask a lot of questions and insist on getting to know the little ones and watching them interact with test dogs.

Some additional remarks:

* Corgis was raised as a working dog and needs more exercise than people think, like a border collar or a German Shepherd, but a stiff paw is not the kind of toy that a lover has been around me all day. Made to follow

* Corgs can bark more than some people, they bark more than most breeds of dogs, they do not attract like other breeds of terriers or toys.

* There are two types of Corgi Pembroke and Cardigan. If you can't find Pembroke with a good savior or a real savior, look for Cardigan Welsh Corgi. There are different races with some differences in race and temperament, but five facts apply to both.

I now! Thanks for looking!

You said you were looking for a medium / small dog. Golden retrievers are big dogs, so it would be more meaningful to catch the self. Golden Retrievers are also bad at scanning, their R's are everywhere, but at the same time Corgis is also very bad at it. Recoverers can be better at running. They are two happy breeds and it is not difficult to train them. Neither of these races can be what you want, so you have to compromise a little bit. Just weigh what is important to you and decide from there.

If possible, find a Korgi mix. It helps in the appearance of garbage. My Korgis are amazing with kids, their energy levels are the same. However, keep in mind that corguises are very active dogs and can go out to play when your child is lying on the ground, even if he is injured. This is true of all dogs, of course, and as long as your dog is properly trained and trained, Hell will be a wonderful dog for children. Corgis is also very loyal so you can keep your family safe.

Are Corgis Good With Kids