Are Chickens Mammals

Are Chickens Mammals

Are chickens mammals?

No, it's chicken eggs. Animals must have mammalian glands to be considered mammals, which is why they are called mammals. Memory glands are glands that make milk for the baby to ■■■■■■■■■■. Any animal that feeds its young is a mammal, and any animal that does not feed it is not. Poultry animals do not have a cough, but they have all the characteristics associated with beaks, wings, wings, whips, etc.

Anonymous, not all mammals have living offspring. Monotres (such as platypus) lay eggs. They are still mammals because they have mammary glands and they feed their young. All RDS lay eggs and none have mammary glands.

Okay, I'll try to help you make up your mind. All animals have something in common with other animals. For example: Penguins can have snake-like scales. Snakes do not have eyelids like fish. RDS has scales on its feet, such as reptiles or fish. Some mammals have almost laid eggs.

With all these features, it is sometimes difficult to know which animal belongs to which group, etc. Etc. But there is always at least one characteristic that distinguishes animal species from other species which is not present in any other animal species. It is a tectonic property (scientists that divide plants, animals and minerals) trying to differentiate between the different animals, plants and minerals on our planet.

To answer your question, the only feature that mammals do not share with any other creatures on this planet is that mammals are the only ones that raise their young on Earth. It didn't matter if he laid eggs, swam in the ocean, or flew in the air like a bat. Each takes care of the baby through the mother's glands. There, like dogs, like chickens, they don't even feed their pups, they are not breastfed, right?

No, chickens are not mammals. These are mammals that are feeding their young.

Chickens are not mammals but RDS.

What? Of course this is the order. Rd is not a mammal. You might think they are warm-blooded (like mammals).

no they are not. Mammals have hair and babies are not born in eggs. Chickens are not mammals because of their feathers and eggs.

Are Chickens Mammals