Are Bmws Reliable

Are Bmws Reliable

Is BMW a good and reliable car? 3

I am 17 years old and thinking of buying a BMW (this will be my second car). I don't know many cars, but I wonder if they are reliable.

Do they usually need a lot of repair?

Which model should I look for?

Are you satisfied if you have?

Are you going to buy a BMW?

BMW is probably the best car on the market based on its service history (if you've used it) and general maintenance from the list above.

Which BMW model or year are you looking for?

I have had over 30 BMWs in the last 15 years and, based on my experience, I can tell you which ones to avoid.

To avoid: 1984-1991 E30 325 Timing belt will be damaged if not properly maintained. First you need to hire someone to replace the timing belt and the water pump. Second, they turn off the air conditioning and it costs a lot of money to fix it. They also have corrosion problems that appear suddenly and are difficult to detect. Corrosion usually occurs at the central injection horn connection.

In the early 90's, with 4.0 V8 5 ... usually 9396 retreat due to broken John block.

In the early 90's, the 3 Series 9297 ... door panels are usually difficult to find in clean conditions

Anyway ... this is my advice ... remember any BMW you're interested in! The BMW maintenance documentation is the most important part. An abandoned BMW, like any other pile of rubbish on the road ... is a bad investment. The BMW is very reliable, easy to operate, comfortable and one of the best electric cars in the world.

If they break, they usually break with G, which means; if you use a BMW dealership to work. Standalone PLCs are very cheap and are mostly former BMW dealership technicians.

Find the BMW of your choice and pay a reputable dealer to inspect the car before purchasing. It can cost up to 100 to find a car in trouble, but it's worth spending $ 100 to make sure you don't fall into the financial trap.

Would you buy another one? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. 20,000 in damages.

When a BMW is well maintained, it is a great car. If it breaks, it costs at least T, but it is for high-end luxury cars. My sister has series 3 and it bothers her. My mother currently owns a 2009 BMW 750li. They are very happy, but make sure that the maintenance of this vehicle is always up to date. Premium petrol is a bit expensive when fully charged, but that's what German luxury cars are getting these days. If you are looking for Beamer, I will take a look at 5 or 7 series.

Miles don't matter with BMWs because they run thousands of miles. But he wanted to make sure the BMW was well cared for. This includes routine maintenance work. Pride of B7 2008, 2008 650 Convert, 1987 535I

You really want to hate these guys - they released Ultimate Driving Mae and they do what they say. Expect the best construction quality and the best temperament in all industries. Achilles is the only ion that rolls and pulls.

I give BMW 9 out of 10 points! Have fun driving! )

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Are Bmws Reliable