Definition of Archipelago:

  1. An e-commerce company acquired by the New York Stock Exchange in 2005. Following this acquisition, NYSE went from being a non-profit organization to a public non-profit trading company.

  2. A group of islands.

  3. A group of islands scattered in the same waters. The islands are considered part of a larger landmass. Places such as Hawaii and the Virgin Islands are considered islands.

  4. The Archipelago is an electronic communication network (ECN) that merged with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2006 to form the Archipelago. Founded in 1996, Archie Pelago is one of the first ECNs and a forerunner of the 2001 Pelago Exchange Island (ArcaEx), which was established in 2001 to facilitate electronic trading of large US exchanges. Shortly after its integration into Archipelago, NYSE came to the public with new traditional and e-commerce opportunities.

  5. The NYSERCA Electronic Exchange allows trading of shares and options and offers the world's largest ECN. ECN allows automated trading, a combination of passive orders, non-business hours trading and instant order execution. The NYSE Arca Exchange is owned by NYSE Eurovinist and is headquartered in Chicago. .

Synonyms of Archipelago

Ait, Sandbank, Atoll, Island, Insularity, Coral head, Coral island, Islandology, Continental island, Sandbar, Holm, Coral reef, Cay, Islet, Key, Island group, Reef, Bar, Isle, Oceanic island

How to use Archipelago in a sentence?

  1. One day, I want to visit hundreds of islands that cover the island of Hawaii, 2,400 kilometers of lush green peninsula.
  2. Although he lived in Honolulu, William did not know that Hawaii was considered an island until he was in fourth grade.
  3. Indonesian Islands
  4. The distance between the islands is too great to build roads, so visitors to the island use the pier to travel.

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