Definition of Archangel:

  1. A well-funded and well-known angel investor with a successful history of financing entrepreneurs or startup companies, who may lead a group of other angel investors in financing promising business ventures. The term may also refer to a consultant retained by a consortium of angel investors to research and evaluate investment opportunities.

  2. The term may also refer to an external advisor hired by a group of angel investors to perform due diligence and provide advice on business opportunities that are being considered by the group.

  3. An angel of high rank.

  4. An archangel is an angel investor who has invested in a number of ventures that have achieved fame and fortune as commercial successes. An angel investor with this degree of success may also be referred to as a "super angel.".

Synonyms of Archangel

Angel, Angel of light, Angel of love, Angelology, Angels, Archangels, Beatified soul, Canonized mortal, Celestial, Cherub, Cherubim, Dominations, Dominions, Heavenly being, Martyr, Messenger of God, Patron saint, Powers, Principalities, Principality, Recording angel, Saint, Saved soul, Seraph, Seraphim, Soul in glory, Thrones, Virtues

How to use Archangel in a sentence?

  1. The prayers of believers here on earth are mingled with the worship of angels and archangels and all the host of heaven, in adoration of God and the Lamb.

Meaning of Archangel & Archangel Definition