Definition of Arc:

  1. A part of the circumference of a circle or other curve.

  2. A luminous electrical discharge between two electrodes or other points.

  3. (in a novel, play, or movie) the development or resolution of the narrative or principal theme.

  4. Move with a curving trajectory.

  5. Form an electric arc.

  6. Sustained and luminous discharge of electricity over a gap, as between two electrodes.

Synonyms of Arc

AC arc, Poulsen arc, Aperiodic discharge, Arc column, Arc discharge, Arc light, Arch, Bend, Bow, Brush discharge, Catacaustic, Catenary, Caustic, Circle, Color filter, Conchoid, Crook, Curl, Curvation, Curvature, Curve, Diacaustic, Dimmer, Discharge, Disruptive discharge, Electric discharge, Electric shock, Electric spark, Electrodeless discharge, Ellipse, Festoon, Floats, Flood, Floodlight, Footlights, Foots, Galvanic shock, Gelatin, Glow discharge, Hook, Hyperbola, Klieg light, Light plot, Lights, Limelight, Lituus, Marquee, Medium, Oscillatory discharge, Parabola, Round, Shock, Silent discharge, Sinus, Spark, Spark gap, Spot, Spotlight, Tracery, Curve, Bend, Bow, Arch, Curl, Curve, Swerve, Spin, Turn

How to use Arc in a sentence?

  1. His transformation provides the emotional arc of the story.
  2. Modern welding generators are designed so that there is a high voltage for striking the arc.
  3. The ball arced across the room.
  4. The point where a tangential line touches the arc of a circle.
  5. The outage was caused by a bad switch that arced.

Meaning of Arc & Arc Definition