Arabic Perfumes

As they say, you can forget the name of a person but never the scent coming from them. The fragrance always lingers in the room even after a person leaves. It is this striking quality of perfumes that make a person attractive. The Arab is known for its obsession for scents. Right from their rituals to their lifestyle, we can find the presence of oils and attars made from musk, jasmine, rose, and so on.

So, if you are thinking of gifting anyone a perfume, you should go for an Arabic perfume for ladies and gents, alike. There are a variety of options for such exotic fragrances which makes it so difficult for people to choose just one.

Here, we have put together a list of 7 of the most Arabic perfumes whose scent is bound to entice you beyond imagination. Take a look.


How about bathing in a bunch of roses every time you are going out or someone special coming home? You literally do not have to pick roses and bathe in it. Now, you can easily do so with the sensational scent, Basra. It has an essence of the desert but is filled with the odor of fresh rose blooms. Reeking of romance, this can also be a perfect gift for your someone special.


Who doesn’t love a fresh and aromatic fragrance? It suits most personalities and it will be easier for people to relate with it. This is exactly what the unique scent of Afaque does. Made with citrus and Jasmine, it brings an addictive quality with it. Use it for a daily basis or for special occasions, this can be a perfect option for gifting others too.

Secret Spray

Are you looking for a fruity or floral smell in your fragrance? Go for the Secret spray for its fresh notes. Blended with musk, amber, floral, and citrus, this is a beautiful perfume which reflects elegance and luxury and yet has a mysterious essence. Like floral dipped in citrus jus, this creates a very attractive and alluring fragrance. It can bring a charming impact with it that can make you asking for more.

Durrat Al Bahrain

Mixed with rose and cedar wood and a hint of the sandal in its heart, this is a unisex scent that you certainly cannot miss. Adored by all, it is one of the finest of Arabic fragrances. Buy this subtle bottle of magic and watch others get mesmerized in seconds.

Passion Perfume

This is one of the classic perfumes from Arab that has worked like magic on many. It is basically a masculine perfume that embodies passion, energy, and pleasure. With ingredients like vanilla, musk, patchouli, and sweet bergamot, this fragrance has impressed many in the past, and attracts all kinds of personalities. With their fine oriental essence, it has created a global appeal and catered to the urban population as well.

Haraayer Spray

If you want to experience sweet romance in your partner, you must go for this luxury fragrance. Haraayer spray comes from musk, patchouli, and a pinch of amber. The sweet and soft essence moves from the top to the bottom but always for a more enhanced scent. Some even believe it slowly captures the sensation of falling in love.

Pink Apple

With the sweet and subtle fragrance of Jasmine and later mingled with the soothing lavender and rose, this is a luxurious bottle which showcases style, class, and elegance among the wearers. The scent inspires all modern-day luxury lovers who want to be irresistible with their charisma and charm. Known for its high-quality design and outstanding packaging, these really stand out in a crowd.


So, if you have made your choice, then what are you waiting for? Pick the right place from where you can get one.