Ara Ara Meaning

Ara Ara Meaning

anese: ara ara yw What does it mean and can I do it all in anese? ۔

Words can do what is written in the ratio, for example:

You can eat

Can roll

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There are 2 ways to say I can do it.

A. With decro.

PlainVerb + koto + ga + dekiru: eg Taberu koto ga dekiru (I can eat)

Name + ga + dekiru: For example Ningo ga dekiru (I can anese (speak / understand).

Decro is a function and is connected. So you can say Deccani because you can't use the past, and so on.

B. The combination of the initial verb.

For ichidan verbs like tabro: make root nu tabe + rareru. Taberareru: You can eat.

For verbs like ... almost anything, take steam and add steam and + ru. ہناسو> ہناسرو ہناسرو, نامو> نمونومو.

fig fig Only oh how and hi hi.

Ara Ara Meaning