Aqua Velva Drink

Aqua Velva Drink

Does anyone know if we need to make the aqua valva drink mentioned in the new movie?

Tail: Aqua Velva.

It looked like an aqua valve and was just as powerful! This is fresh mint and definitely not a morning drink. This soda is best served on a rock.

When loading, make sure you get the latest, pesticide-free ingredients to make sure your drinks taste great.

Will need:

Fresh mint spring

2 high quality cups.

1/4 ounce blue curry.

Sprinkle a little mint under the mortar and grind over the counter until you get a green pulp. Put the mint paste in a jar and refrigerate for a few days until it turns green. The longer you keep the mint, the stronger it will be. Put the leaves in a cotton cloth or tea strainer and keep in the fridge.

Serve a few ounces of vegetables on ice with blue curcumin. Add sparkling water to taste. Garnish the blue curry with a sip of mint or a slice of orange.

Aqua Velva Drink

Aqua Velva Drink

Aqua Velvet Beverage

Hmmm, when I saw it, I thought it was MFA! "It's really loud and they're really impressed with it, and after some MFAs you will definitely feel that way!"


* 1/2 ounce

* 1/2 ounce

* 1/2 ounce tequila.

* 1/2 ounce

* 1/2 oz blue curry.

* 2 oz sour mix

* 2oz7up or Sprite.

Mixing instructions:

Put all ingredients except 7Up in a cold glass filled with ice cubes. Fill with sprite or 7 up and shake gently.

Aqua Valva.


3/4 oz

1/4 ounce eleven

3/4 oz

1/2 ounce blue cups.

1/2 oz sprite.


Beat all ingredients except ice with 1/2 ounce sprite. Pour a glass of ice and fill with 1/2 ounce sprite. Put a glue stick on it to polish it!

I think the same people I wanted to talk about were called movies and because I only saw two recipes and that's what they posted here. Not sure, just guessing.

If you are a fan of blue drinks, try Blue Hawaii, link below. I didn't try it because I can't justify buying a bottle of Blue Curry, even though it's very cheap and I always forget to order over the counter. I usually drink whiskey or masquerade instead of a bright blue mixed drink.

Anyway, I'm sure this drink will be delicious.

Good movie.

This page can help you.


Does anyone know if we need to make the aqua valva drink mentioned in the new movie?

Aqua Velva Drink