Definition of Aptitude:

  1. Gain a natural ability (usually measured by a skill test) to study and master a particular field or discipline. Fitness is expressed in interest and is also reflected in current performance, which increases with time as you exercise.

Synonyms of Aptitude

Smartness, Braininess, Felicity, Temperament, Probabilism, Individualism, Temper, Docility, Mental alertness, Willingness, Proneness, Predilection, Malleability, Pliability, Admissibility, Preference, Inclination, Favorable prospect, Relevance, Mettle, Obligation, Reasonable hope, Liability, Nature, Mold, Aptness, Warp, Capacity, Mental set, Native cleverness, Proclivity, Presumptive evidence, An ear for, Appositeness, Trainableness, Fitness, Acuity, Appropriateness, Acuteness, Twist, Possibility, Mind, Cleverness, Nous, Odds, Delight, Presumption, Savvy, Sensitivity to, Contingency, Applicability, A thing for, Plasticity, Prejudice, Suitableness, Clear thinking, Propriety, Tropism, Grain, Susceptibility, Nimble mind, Streak, Liking, Conatus, Set, Probability, Ability, Esprit, Good chance, Turn for, Smarts, Giftedness, Eccentricity, Likeliness, Type, Capacity for, Weakness, Strain, Liableness, Gift, Mind-set, Outlook, Eagerness, Quick wit, Impressionability, Stripe, Teachability, Makeup, Fittedness, Affinity, Animus, Penchant, Gifts, Eventuality, Motivation, Tendency, Facility, Kidney, Moldability, Predisposition, Qualification, Bent, Nimbleness, Sharpness, Sharp-wittedness, Prospect, Verisimilitude, Leaning, Fair expectation, Quick thinking, Genius, Turn, Intelligence, Teachableness, Keenness, Nimble-wittedness, Feeling for, Mercurial mind, Brilliance, Dexterity, Cast, Idiosyncrasy, Gift for, Sprightly wit, Reasonable ground, Disposition, Adroitness, Quickness, Likelihood, Diathesis, Make, Innate aptitude, Stamp, Chance, Keen-wittedness, Quick parts, Expectation, Flair, Turn of mind, Educability, Character, Receptivity, Constitution, An eye for, Talent, Slant, Suitability, Capability, Quick-wittedness, Genius for, Bias, Brightness, Soft spot, Intellect, Propensity, Well-grounded hope, Ready wit, Readiness, Conduciveness, Faculty

How to use Aptitude in a sentence?

  1. The student was so skilled in mathematics that his teacher was confident that he would continue to make many important contributions in this field.
  2. At the beginning of the school year, math teachers asked each student to take an aptitude test to determine the average student's knowledge so that they could compare the results at the end of the year.
  3. He took an interest test to see if he had been in the job since childhood. Smart enough to work?

Meaning of Aptitude & Aptitude Definition