April Warnecke Nephew Accident

April Warnecke Nephew Accident

Is Scott Pasmore Married?

Scott Pasmore's Wife and Relationships As a popular anchorman, it is clear that people want to know more about his love life. Fortunately, his relationship is as successful as his career. He is currently married to Lauri Lane.

Which of them is Scott Pasmore?

Scott Pasmore is an actor known for Good Day Arizona (2008) and Leather and Iron (2002).

Also, who is Tara Hitchcock married to?

Kenn Francois, 2004Is Olivia Fierro married?

She is married to a police sergeant named Tony, whom she met when she reported an accident when she first worked for Good Morning Arizona. In April 2012, Olivia and her husband adopted a son named Nathaniel with the help of Catholic charities in southern Nevada.

How long has Scott Pasmore been on Channel 3?

Scott Pasmore, 3TV (1989) Emmy-winning journalist joined Channel 3 in 1989. Five years later, he attended the opening of Good Morning Arizona, where he has remained ever since.

Who is Scott Pasmore engaged to?

Wife and Relationships of Scott Pasmore He is currently married to Lauri Lane. You have been married for a long time. Fortunately, they are lucky enough to have two lovely daughters.

How old is Kim Quintero?

Kim Quintero / Edad's Birthday / Age / Date of Birth July 16, 1984. At the beginning of 2020, she was about 35 years old. Introduction: Kim Quintero is an American meteorologist and weather presenter who has worked for several news networks.

Who is Olivia Fierro's husband?

Olivia and her husband Tony were lucky enough to adopt their son Nathaniel in April 2012 through Catholic charities in Southern Nevada.

April Warnecke is married?

Family: April is married and has two children. She continued to work on television during her pregnancy, so it was normal to see her with a baby bump.

How old is Jaime Cerreta?

Birthday / Age / Date of birth / Date of birth 2018 he is approximately 4,041 years old.

Who Owns Channel 3 Phoenix?

Meredith Corporation

Who is April Warnecke's Husband?

April moved to Medford, OR for her first television job with the CBS subsidiary. It was there that she met her future husband, Mark McClune, a sports presenter on the same station.

What happened to Brandon Lee Channel 3?

Former Channel 3 host Brandon Lee pulls all the skeletons out of Mascara Boy's memoirs. When a TV reporter leaves Phoenix, he usually has to work in a larger market. Brandon Lee, of Channel 3 (KTVKTV) in November 2018 after about five years on the station, was different.

Where did Brandon Lee go?

Brandon has worked with TV News for 20 years. He spent some time in New York City as a producer for NBC during the 9/11 terror attacks. Brandon ended up working as an investigative reporter and presenter in Hartford, Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta and currently here in Phoenix.

Which station is at risk in Phoenix AZ?

The show says it airs there at 6:30 am, which sets it apart from all other markets in the Pacific time zone as it does not air at 7:00 or 7:30. Danger ! : where and when. Market Phoenix (Prescott) KTVK IND Network Station Time (local time) 19:30 Zone M

April Warnecke Nephew Accident