What is Approved?

  • Approved can be defined as, In fire insurance, this usually means that construction, equipment, safety and security equipment meet the stated insurance requirements. In many cases, approved construction leads to a reduction in insurance premiums.

  • The term indicates that, for example, it meets or exceeds a certain standard. B. Approved roof, hydrant etc.

Meanings of Approved

  1. Formally accepted or formally accepted.

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Approved Definition:

  1. In insurance, this usually means that the construction, equipment, prevention and protection devices meet the insurance requirements. In many cases, approved construction reduces insurance premiums.

  2. The term indicates that it meets or exceeds certain standards, such as B. B. approved roof, approved fire hydrant, etc.

Meanings of Approved

  1. Officially recognized or satisfactorily accepted.

  2. Accept it or officially consider it satisfactory.

  3. Was done.

Sentences of Approved

  1. A place on a recognized course.

  2. Budget approved by Parliament

  3. He confirmed that he was ready for military command.

Synonyms of Approved

bless, license, accept, concur in, OK, agree to, give one's permission/leave, give the nod, buy, consent to, give the go-ahead to, give the thumbs up to, pass, say yes to, confirm, give one's blessing to, accede to, say the word, validate, give the OK to, acquiesce in, endorse, give the green light to



In insurance, this usually means that the design, equipment, prevention and protection devices meet the specific needs of the insurer. In many cases, approved construction leads to lower insurance premiums.

The term indicates that it meets or exceeds established standards, such as: B. approved roof, approved fire hydrant, etc.

Meanings of Approved

  1. Officially recognized or satisfactorily recognized.

  2. Accept it or officially acknowledge it satisfactorily.

Synonyms of Approved

authorize, sanction, rubber-stamp, mandate, assent to, warrant, back, ratify, support