Approved Supplier / Tradesperson

Approved Supplier / Tradesperson,

Approved Supplier / Tradesperson Meanings:

An approved supplier is a company or individual in our complaints network to whom we give name, approval and authorization, for example, to supply you with an alternative product. For example, buy a new TV if it is stolen or repaired.

Literal Meanings of Approved Supplier / Tradesperson


Meanings of Approved:
  1. Officially accepted or accepted satisfactorily.


Meanings of Supplier:
  1. A person or organization that provides something needed, such as a product or service.

Sentences of Supplier
  1. All the big dealerships increased their prices


Meanings of Tradesperson:
  1. A person who engages in trade or commerce, usually on a relatively small scale.

Sentences of Tradesperson
  1. Serious dealer

Synonyms of Tradesperson

stockist, retailer, vendor, shopkeeper, supplier, merchant, trader, dealer