Definition of Approval:

  1. Written consent by a regulatory body to proceed with a requested activity, without in any way diminishing the applicants obligation to meet the standard or specified requirements. Approval may take the form of certification, licensing, or registration, and is sometimes used as an alternative term for authorization.

  2. The action of approving something.

Synonyms of Approval

John Hancock, OK, Acceptance, Accord, Account, Acquiescence, Admiration, Adoration, Affirmance, Affirmation, Affirmative, Affirmative voice, Agreement, Apotheosis, Applause, Appreciation, Approbation, Assent, Authentication, Authorization, Awe, Aye, Blessing, Breathless adoration, Certification, Commendation, Compliance, Compliment, Concurrence, Confirmation, Connivance, Consent, Consideration, Countersignature, Courtesy, Credit, Deference, Deification, Duty, Eagerness, Eclat, Endorsement, Esteem, Estimation, Exaggerated respect, Favor, Go-ahead, Great respect, Green light, Hero worship, High regard, Homage, Honor, Idolatry, Idolization, Imprimatur, Leave, Mandate, Nod, Notarization, Okay, Permission, Prestige, Promptitude, Promptness, Ratification, Readiness, Regard, Respect, Reverence, Reverential regard, Rubber stamp, Sanction, Seal, Sigil, Signature, Signet, Stamp, Stamp of approval, Submission, Subscription, Suffrage, The nod, Ungrudgingness, Unloathness, Unreluctance, Validation, Veneration, Visa, Vise, Warrant, Willingness, Worship, Worth, Acceptance, Agreement, Consent, Assent, Acquiescence, Compliance, Concurrence

How to use Approval in a sentence?

  1. In order to complete the assignment successfully, he found that he would have to obtain approval from his district manager.
  2. You should always get approval from your manager before you try out any new idea that may have some variance.
  3. The road plans have been given approval.
  4. The administrator needed the managers approval of the budget for the annual company appreciation picnic at the beach planned for the summer.

Meaning of Approval & Approval Definition

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What is The Definition of Approval?

  • A simple definition of Approval is: By taking the risk given by the insurance company because the standard of insurance has been met.

  • Approval can be defined as, Policy means the receipt of a form legally by a country at the time of submission of information.

    Assurance means the assumption of risk, as stated in the insurance application (as originally made or modified by the insurance company)

Meanings of Approval

  1. Agreeing to something

Sentences of Approval

  1. The route plan has been approved

Synonyms of Approval

support , endorsement , green light , the nod , permission , blessing , license , leave , validation , compliance , acquiescence , concurrence , consent , okay , mandate , bells , countenance , confirmation , go-ahead , ratification , recommendation , sanction , assent


What is The Meaning of Approval?

  • Meaning of Approval: Taking the risk given by the insurer because the insurer's insurance standard has been met.

  • This means the legal acceptance of the form by a country when policy information is collected.

    Assurance means risk assumption, as stated in the insurance proposal (verbally or modified by the insurer) or

Meanings of Approval

  1. The process of agreeing to something.

Sentences of Approval

  1. Approved road plan

Synonyms of Approval

the green light, licence, the OK, seal/stamp of approval, backing, the go-ahead, say-so, the thumbs up



  1. Assuming the risk assumed by the insurer because the insurer's underwriting standards have been met.

  2. Approval can be defined as, Submitting policy information means receiving a form legally from a country.

    Meaning Assumption of risk by the insurer, as stated in the insurance order (verbally or modified by the insurer) or