Definition of Appraise:

  1. Assess the value or quality of.

  2. The act of evaluating an object to determine how much it is worth (appraisal value). This is calculated by examining all factors that may increase or decrease the value of the object. To achieve the most accurate figure, an appraiser who is licensed to assess the value will typically be utilized. Steve and Becky contacted an antiques dealer to come and appraise some of their great aunts belongings that were purchased over 80 years ago..

Synonyms of Appraise

Assess, Evaluate, Estimate, Judge, Rate, Gauge, Sum up, Review, Consider, Adjudge, Appreciate, Assay, Assess, Audit, Calculate, Calibrate, Caliper, Call, Catalog, Categorize, Check a parameter, Class, Classify, Compute, Deem, Dial, Divide, Esteem, Estimate, Evaluate, Examine, Factor, Fair-trade, Fathom, Figure, Form an estimate, Gauge, Give an appreciation, Graduate, Group, Guess, Identify, Inspect, Judge, Make an estimation, Mark, Measure, Mensurate, Mete, Meter, Pace, Plumb, Price, Prize, Probe, Quantify, Quantize, Quote a price, Rank, Rate, Reckon, Scrutinize, Set at, Sift, Size, Size up, Sort, Sort out, Sound, Span, Step, Survey, Take a reading, Thrash out, Triangulate, Valorize, Valuate, Value, Weigh, Winnow

How to use Appraise in a sentence?

  1. She stealthily appraised him in a pocket mirror.

Meaning of Appraise & Appraise Definition