Definition of Appraisal:

  1. Alternative term for diagnosis.

  2. Value The value of property, such as immovable property, business, receipts or antiques, is determined by the value of an authorized person. The competent consultant should have the appointment of a regulatory authority to oversee the qualifications of the consultant. The price is usually used for tax purposes or to determine the probable sale price of an item or property.

  3. A property analyst conducts an assessment to assess (1) the current market value of the property, (2) assess the damage to the insured property and the cost of repairing it, or (3) Estimate the total damage. prepared. Written valuation is usually a requirement for buying, selling, insuring or securing property. It is also important to seek compensation for damage or damage to the insured property. See also appraisal cost.

  4. The process of testing something or someone.

  5. Value property is used in immovable type transactions. For example, if the value of the home is less than the purchase price, the mortgage lender will likely refuse to finance the transaction. The transaction will not be completed until the prospective buyer is willing and able to distinguish between the expected price and the lender's financial offer.

  6. Impartial analysis and evaluation according to the criteria set for the acceptance, price or pricing of an item.

Synonyms of Appraisal

Estimation, Quantification, Assize, Mensuration, Categorization, Gauging, Evaluation, Opinion, Assessment, Consideration, Summing-up, Determination, Reckoning, Survey, Measuring, View, Grouping, Telemetry, Assizement, Apprizal, Calculation, Sifting, Metric system, Unit pricing, Dual pricing, Analyzing, Evaluative criticism, Sorting, Correction, Instrumentation, Valuation, Factoring, Judgment, Computation, Measure, Evaluating, Evaluation, Telemetering, Surveying, Valuing, Price determination, Identification, Sorting out, Appreciation, Approximation, Classification, Triangulation, Measurement, Quantization, Winnowing, Assessing, Estimation, Ranking, Judgement, Weighing, Sizing up, Appraising, Stock, Assessment, Pricing, Estimate, Rating, Rating, Appraisement, Gauging, Sifting out

How to use Appraisal in a sentence?

  1. We expect to understand the value of my car before I sell it. I hope to be able to invest in a new car.
  2. Licensed examiners must have the position of regulatory authority that controls the qualifications of the examiners.
  3. If you want to buy a property, you should consider its value objectively.
  4. I have an important part of my home sales process ending next week, so I paid more to complete the assessment immediately.
  5. The report has been reviewed.
  6. Taxes can be assessed when evaluating charitable partnerships as well as insurance policies that require insured property.
  7. Value is an assessment of property, such as immovable property, business, collective artifacts, or antiques, with a person's valuation.

Meaning of Appraisal & Appraisal Definition