Appraisal Costs

Appraisal Costs,

Appraisal Costs Meanings:

The definition of Appraisal Costs is: Cost costs are a special type of quality inspection. As part of the quality control process, companies pay a review fee to ensure that their products and services meet customer expectations and legal requirements. These costs may include field test and inspection costs.

  • A trial fee is a fee that a company pays to find defects in a company's products before sending them to customers. This is a form of quality control.
  • For most companies, the cost of selling substandard products or services far outweighs the cost of valuation.
  • Classification is used in many industries, the cost is influenced by the level of quality control and the stage of the company's production cycle.

Literal Meanings of Appraisal Costs


Meanings of Appraisal:
  1. The process of testing something or someone.

Sentences of Appraisal
  1. The report has been reviewed

Synonyms of Appraisal

consideration, sizing up, estimation, evaluation, assessment, judgement, gauging, summing-up, rating


Meanings of Costs:
  1. Payment (an amount of money) is required before receiving or performing (an item or work).

Sentences of Costs
  1. Each issue of the magazine costs 1

  2. Your job is to plan and calculate the cost of the media program for the campaign.

Synonyms of Costs

tariff, charge, market price, put a price on, sell for, value, evaluate, come to, price, estimate the cost of, be, amount to, toll, fare, rental, selling price, estimate the price of, levy, put a value on, be priced at, asking price