Application program

Application program,

Definition of Application program:

  1. Complete, self-contained computer program (usually a commercially produced, shrinkwrapped software) that performs a specific useful task, other than system maintenance functions (which are performed by utility programs). Called Apps for short, application programs are the most familiar forms of software and come in a very wide variety of types (such as accounting programs, database programs, graphics and illustration programs, word processing programs). Also called application software.

How to use Application program in a sentence?

  1. The application program for the NBC Paige Program was a constant source of frustration for Kenneth as he didnt have a smart phone.
  2. The application program was written and designed by the software engineer who left our company 5 years ago, but he can still be contacted if we need him.
  3. History has seen an alteration in the application program which at one time took many computers to run a single application now, application program s or apps are accessible on the go and fit right into the palm of individual on their smart phone.

Meaning of Application program & Application program Definition