Application Icons

Application Icons

They are a series of images, these symbols have a consistent color scheme, they have geometric shapes of large and small sizes. They are used for programs and applications such as Android, iOS and Windows.

Literal Meanings of Application Icons


Meanings of Application:
  1. The act of applying or applying in the true sense of the word.

  2. Fabric used.

  3. The act of using as a means is the use of a means to achieve a particular end.

  4. The act of directing or pointing to a particular case, finding or illustrating agreement or disagreement, ease or convenience.

  5. A computer program or set of programs perceived by the end user as a whole as a resource for a specified purpose. (Also called: application software application).

  6. or written request for help, employment or admission to a school, course, etc.

  7. (Bureauucracy) Petition, plea or other request, with an addition to identify the object.

  8. The act of asking, demanding, or requesting something.

  9. A narrow thought of diligence or attention.

  10. A kind of craft application.

  11. Compliance.

Sentences of Application
  1. Applying this cream should reduce the swelling.

  2. I'll make a comment and let you apply.

  3. This iPhone app can connect to most social networks.

  4. December 31 is the deadline for applying for an MBA degree.

  5. His request to adjourn the hearing was granted.


Meanings of Icons:
  1. An image, symbol, image or other representation, usually as an object of religious worship.

  2. (especially Eastern Christianity) A type of devotional painting depicting a saint or scene from scripture, often painted on wooden panels.

  3. (extended) A person or thing that is the best example of a particular profession or activity.

  4. A small image that represents something (such as an icon on a computer screen that performs a specific function when clicked).

  5. A word, symbol or sign, the shape of which reflects and is determined by related onomatopoeic words, is necessarily an icon.

Sentences of Icons
  1. This man is an icon of the business world, he embodies loyalty and business acumen.

Synonyms of Icons

graven image, idol

Application Icons