Definition of Appendix:

  1. A tube-shaped sac attached to and opening into the lower end of the large intestine in humans and some other mammals.

  2. Supplementary document, forming a part of a main document but not essential for its completeness, containing supporting information and appearing usually at the end.

  3. A section or table of additional matter at the end of a book or document.

Synonyms of Appendix

PS, Parthian shot, Abdomen, Accessory, Addendum, Adjunct, Affix, Afterthought, Allonge, Anus, Appurtenance, Back matter, Blind gut, Bowels, Brain, Cecum, Chorus, Coda, Codicil, Colon, Colophon, Commentary, Conclusion, Consequence, Continuance, Continuation, Double take, Duodenum, Dying words, Enclitic, Endocardium, Entrails, Envoi, Epilogue, Follow-through, Follow-up, Foregut, Giblets, Gizzard, Guts, Heart, Hindgut, Infix, Innards, Inner mechanism, Insides, Interlineation, Internals, Interpolation, Intestine, Inwards, Jejunum, Kidney, Kishkes, Large intestine, Last words, Liver, Liver and lights, Lung, Marginalia, Midgut, Note, Parting shot, Perineum, Peroration, Postface, Postfix, Postlude, Postscript, Prefix, Proclitic, Pump, Pylorus, Rectum, Refrain, Rider, Scholia, Second thought, Sequel, Sequela, Sequelae, Sequelant, Sequent, Sequitur, Small intestine, Spleen, Stomach, Subscript, Suffix, Supplement, Swan song, Tag, Tail, Ticker, Tripes, Vermiform appendix, Viscera, Vitals, Works, Supplement, Addendum, Postscript, Codicil

How to use Appendix in a sentence?

  1. Almost every book you use will contain an appendix that is usually found in the beginning of the book before the chapters start.
  2. The research paper was thorough, all statements and facts were properly supported by footnotes, referencing to an attached appendix for supplemental information.
  3. Im merely standing in while Stella is having her appendix out.
  4. A list of such activities was published as an appendix to the report.
  5. The lawyer made a mistake by forgetting to add an appendix to the documents being submitted to the court, but the judge considered it a negligible error.

Meaning of Appendix & Appendix Definition