App Id

App Id

Each app deployed to App Engine is identified by an app ID and version. An Android App ID can be obtained through the Google Developers Console, while an iOS App ID can only be generated from the iOS Developer Portal.

Literal Meanings of App Id


Meanings of App:
  1. Specifically, an application downloaded by a user to a mobile device.

  2. Request or questionnaire.

  3. Appetizer.

Sentences of App
  1. Ezras helps her get to college.


Meanings of Id:
  1. The part of the psyche where innate instinctive drives and primordial processes manifest themselves.

  2. The formation of adjectives such as rot, .

  3. Form nouns such as doll, pyramid.

  4. Name of the structural elements.

  5. Names of plants of the family whose name ends in Idaceae.

  6. Formation of nouns denoting an animal belonging to a family ending in idae or a class ending in ida.

  7. It forms nouns referring to a member of a particular dynasty or family.

  8. The formation of names denoting a meteor in a stream emanating from a particular constellation.

  9. Personality personality.

  10. Define personality.

  11. Idaho (in official use by mail).

  12. Islamic holiday, especially Eid al-Adha or Eid al-Adha.

Sentences of Id
  1. The conflict between the impulses of the id and the demands of the cultural superego.

  2. Plastid.

  3. Ground beetle.

  4. They had no identification.

  5. The Finnish authorities were able to identify him.

App Id